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Kanye West Clears Up a Few Things About His Clothing Line, Which Does Not Have a Twitter

A few days ago we reported that Kanye West (or someone) was tweeting from the handle @DWbykanye for his fashion line. Well, it turns out it's a fake a

A few days ago we reported that

The most important thing that we learned from this trio of tweets is the actual name of his collection. After the invitations to his show went out--which were embossed with a Dw above the invite info--everyone started calling the collection different versions and combinations of "DW" and "Kanye West." So it's a relief to know what the line is actually called. Here's the source of the original confusion:

And the obvious new noteworthy thing we learned is that @DWbykanye, which now has over 1,800 followers, is a fake account. Good. We're going to unfollow because it was really boring anyway.

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