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Prada's Opening a Museum for 24 Hours

Fashion museum exhibitions are a dime a dozen this year, but some of them have been pretty unconventional--one example being Valentino's virtual museum. And in a way, Prada's latest project is the opposite of that. While Valentino's museum is accessible at any time, forever; Prada, whose creative director has her own Met exhibit coming up, is staging an exhibition in Paris for a very limited time: 24 hours. It's aptly called "24h Museum" and Francesco Vezzoli designed it with AMO, Rem Koolhaas' think tank. So, what we will be in it? Not clothes, it seems.
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The museum opens Tuesday, January 24 at the Palais d'Iéna and closes the following day. And don't think you can just wander in at 3am a la Carrie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Petrovsky. The museum is actually only open to the public for a few hours. It opens the evening of the 24th for a private dinner, after which it will turn into a "disco-club," which will be streaming live on the museum's official website, Guests have until 7am to party the night away. That's when the museum opens to the public until noon, and then again from 2 to 4:30. From 6:30 to 8:30, there will be a "closing vernissage" and that's it!

In addition to the live-streamed party, there's another interactive feature, which you can play with right now. It's a Facebook app you can download and create your own personal 24h Museum framed portrait, which involves a brightly-hued frame and a sparkly neon tear on your face. We tried it and so should you. Download it here.

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