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The Most Popular Fashion Magazine Headline Buzzwords of 2011

We love covers. OK, that is perhaps the most obvious statement of the new year, but it's true. What's not to love? You know the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover?" Well, magazines are a bit different. A magazine only has a few seconds to catch your attention on a newsstand and compel you to pick it up. It's a pretty tough gig, to tell you the truth. And while the cover photo (usually a celebrity) is the big draw, it's hard to miss the headlines--those strings of text selling the inside on the outside with those teasing buzzwords (some more obnoxious than others) enticing you to buy. To the left you'll see a collage of the words appearing most on some North America's most popular fashion, beauty and liftestyle magazines. It's likely a catalog of words that you'll recognize from just about any cover. Not only are the words on repeat, but the same formulas are in play all the time, one buzzword being substituted for another. There are subtle variations between publications, however, and thank goodness for that, but what separates one publication from another? We'll take a look at how some of these magazines grab your attention by finding out their most popular key words from 2011.
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OK, that is perhaps the most obvious statement of the new year, but it's true.

will have an effect on their headlines in the new year?

Behold the unbearable monotony of Harper's Bazaar cover text. You might notice that our word cloud for Bazaar looks a little sparse, but that is the unfortunate result of reprinting "Update Your Look" and some form of "Best/Must-Have/New Bags and Shoes" 11 times a year. There aren't really a lot of word choices to fill it out.

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InStyle believes that life is a red carpet, and is chock full of "secrets," "ways," and "tricks" to make that a reality. We are surprised that "shopping" doesn't have a bigger showing on its covers considering it's such a large part of the magazine's content.

"New" is a favorite word shared by just about all major fashion magazines, none more so this year than Marie Claire. And of course it's the place to get your news about Project Runway.

Where Cosmopolitan is "sex," Vogue is "fashion." Makes sense, and we'd be worried if it wasn't the most popular word. The usual suspects play secondary roles--including Vogue's obsession with "Hollywood"--with the inclusion of one word we didn't really see anywhere else, "romantic." How sweet.