Would You Wear Vagina Nail Art? New Nail Wrap Brand Offers Awesome, Out-There Designs

UK nail wrap brand Nail Rock launched about a year ago in the UK, and has just landed on our fair shores. But are we ready for them? While nail wrap designs are usually inherently wacky (cheetah print! polka dots! glitter!) Nail Rock is kicking it up a notch. To give you an idea of their aesthetic, the brand teamed up with kitschy/subversive (and ultra fun-to-look-at) Brit label Meadham Kirchhoff for their spring 2012 show. Nail Rock's founder, Zoe Pocock, has adorned the nails of Adele, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, and Kelly Osbourne, so that should give you some idea of her appeal. The nail wraps she created for the Meadham Kirchhoff show are saccharine and cute, to reflect the show--which featured a pastel wonderland of hearts and cute bears. Oh and there's also a wrap that features a cartoon image of a "fanny," which Urban Dictionary tells me is a "British term for pussy." Which is obvious when you see it (at left). So will you be brave enough to rock some genitals on your digits? Love. It.