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A Week in Madeline Andrews-Escudero's Off-The-Runway Rag & Bone Booties!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional stylist, a powerful editor or a Hollywood heavyweight? Every Friday, Fashionista will ask an inspirational industry professional to fill in the blanks with their own words and photos. When it comes to being a Market Editor, Fashion Week is sort of like the Olympics. Just ask Glamour's Senior Fashion Market Editor, Madeline Andrews-Escudero, who, when she isn't attending 16-18 presentations a day (wh-WHAT?), is kindly indulging lowly reporters from the back of a town car. So while you may think all of that racing around would take all the pretty out of the NYFW experience, a week in Maddie's versatile Rag & Bone platforms, which she (gasp!) has worn more than once this week, is full of beautiful sights-- from bags and babies to...bacon. Click through to check out her candids:

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional stylist, a powerful editor or a Hollywood heavyweight?

That teeny tiny purse is Jenny Kang's from New York Magazine. It is insane to me that she can get through an entire day of shows with that bag because I live out of mine. A season or two ago, I read about some European editor who was like, 'All I take to Fashion Week is a tiny clutch,' and I was like, 'You liar!' I always have to have water, gum and 17 different things to read so my phone doesn't die, a charger and my wallet, which is huge. I am totally George Costanza.

A quick shot of me and Katie White from the band, The Ting Tings. She performed at our March issue celebration and our Editor-in-Chief asked if she wanted to see any shows. It was her first proper NYC fashion show experience.

That's the mural at Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle Hotel, where I was for The Row presentation. I have a soft spot for that place because of the Madeline books! It is so romantic and cozy; they created a wonderful ambiance with little pastries on the table and adorable waiters.

This is a model at the Preen show. I am obsessed with that hair. Doesn't she look like a little Dr. Seuss character? Like Cindy Lou Who?

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Altuzarra was hands down my favorite show of the week. It was just incredible. As the girls moved, the clothes made an amazing chiming sound. Everyone I've spoken to is head-over-heels in love with this Moroccan-inspired collection.

Every once in a while I will find myself with a half an hour to myself. This—a side of bacon and ice tea with lemon—is my breakfast of champions. And though I usually hate eating alone, Fashion Week is one time when I don't mind. I'm just happy to be seated and consuming.

Right before Zac Posen it just randomly started snowing. It can be depressing going to shows by yourself, but this looked really beautiful through the glass.

That is my friend Jamie [Dardashtian's] son at the Catherine Malandrino show. She is the PR Director for the brand. I love a baby, but a baby in a fashion setting? Even better.