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Are Your Nails Ready For the Super Bowl? Here's Our DIY Football Mani Guide

Here at Fashionista, we're always up for a little DIY. And with the biggest sport (and advertising) event of the year's kickoff happening in just a f
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Here at Fashionista, we're always up for

NY Giants

When it comes to doing the actual "art" portion of nail art, a nail art pen is your best friend. We used a white nail art pen from Sally Hansen - it works just like a marker and it perfect for doing small details.

It's easy to get nervous when drawing on a small, slippery surface like a finger nail. Focus on simplifying shapes instead of looking at the whole picture. A football is just an oval with pointy ends. Everything else was drawn on easily with our nail art pen. For the striped pinky, we added blue on the sides of the red stripe and then added the white lines with the marker after that had dried. The marker may need a couple of coats to become opaque, but it dries pretty quickly.

We reserved the team logos for the thumbs - luckily for Giants fans, their logo is pretty easy with the nail art pen!

Colors used:

White details - Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White Orangey Brown - OPI in Ginger Bells!

NE Patriots and Adding Detail

Adding details to your nail designs may look complicated, but it's really all about using a steady hand and, again, simplifying. A black nail art pen works perfectly from outlining/defining numbers and writing initials. We added a tiny dab of pink polish to make our little heart design pop. A thin nail polish brush dipped in dark yellow polish was used to draw the field goal, and the tiny football is just a dab of orangey polish. A little green polish helps to set the football field scene.

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For the Patriots' pinky stripes, we first painted a wide red stripe down the center. Once that dried, we painted a more narrow blue stripe in the middle of that. It's always best to save the darkest colors to paint over the lighter ones - unless, of course, you're using a nail polish pen to draw details. The stitching details make all the difference on our tiny football!

Colors used:

Black details - Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black Green - OPI in Green-wich Village Pink - NYC New York Color Minute in Uptown Yellow - OPI in The "It" Color

Patriots' Logo

We have to admit... this one was a challenge. We almost considered slacking off and just writing "Pats" with the nail pens... but we were determined!

Again, just look at the Patriots' logo design as a couple of simplified shape. No, you're not going to get every detail on there - but you definitely get the idea!

The basic design calls for a distorted squarey shape (the head) with two red tails coming off it. Once the colors had dried completely, we filled in the gaps with our trusty nail art pen - et voila! We had a decent nail art version of the Patriots' mascot. Then again, we won't judge you if you do decide on just writing "Pats". Honest!

Finished Product

And there you have it! Perfect Super Bowl nails. Just finish with a clear top coat to preserve your art work - Football games are pretty long, after all, and you want to be dipping chips, not getting them. We'll of course be busy looking out for Gisele's hopefully sassy yet sporty ensemble in the stands. Good luck to whichever team you're supporting and enjoy the game!