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Fashion Week Beauty Advice: How to Look Awake When You Feel Like Death Warmed Over

New York fashion week is officially at the half way point, and whether you're running around attending shows, or just staying up too late checking out runway pics online, it's all very stressful. Lack of sleep shows up on your face, and that's the last thing you need during the most fabulous time of the year. We tapped into the brains of some of our favorite dermatologists, aestheticians, and makeup artists to give you some tips for how to fake being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even when you look like hell. Yes, 9 hours of sleep is ideal, but who has the time when after parties don't start until 11pm? Check out all our pros' tips below, then click through the slide show for some product recommendations.

-For eyeshadow, stay away from dark colors when you look tired. Try using an eyeshadow a couple of shades lighter then your own natural skin tone. A soft grey beige color or light lilac shade looks nice.But always try to keep it lighter in the corners of the eye. A quick swipe of a soft iridescent on the whole eye will also work. But not glitter...that is gross.--Contessa Schexnayder

-Nothing makes your eyes look more awake than long, flirty lashes. After curling, hold the mascara brush at the base of your lashes, and wiggle back and forth to the tip. The wiggling action will quickly give you maximum length, coverage and separation. Mascara that's too thick or heavy can weigh the eyes down - this lengthening and separating effect makes the eyes look bright and alert.--Melissa Silver, Maybelline makeup artist

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OTHER MAKEUP TRICKS: -Choose an appropriate highlighter shade and apply in strategic areas that look dark and shadowy - under eyes, inner corner of eyes, corners of nose and mouth, chin cleft and center of nose - this will do double duty of eliminating any redness and add that light. It's a reflecting effect that banishes shadows. If you need an extra boost of light, use a neutral shade (like Maybelline's Dream Lumi Highlighter in Radiance), especially under eyes, on upper cheeks and below brows. It's also great as a brightening shadow base!--Melissa Silver

-When tired, our complexions can look drained. With your ring finger, dab a bit of blush in your fave shade high up on your cheekbones and blend. Keeping it high will give your face a lift - and dab any excess above your brows and blend well, this will really brighten you up. Use a bit more than you normally would--Contessa and Melissa

Click through to see some more information and product recommendations. Then go take a nap!