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French Escort and 'Couture' Lingerie Designer Zahia Dehar Gets a Gallery Retrospective in Paris and Karl Lagerfeld Attended

We really had no idea who Zahia Dehar was until a few weeks ago, but now we can't get enough of her. Neither can a lot of other people, apparently.

We really had no idea who

Her latest venture into polite society is an art gallery show, featuring a two-year retrospective of her "artistic flair"--which is essentially her body in various states of undress. You can visit the Gallery Passebon in Paris to check out the exhibition which is called “Zahia de 5 à 7," now through March 7. It includes eight metal moldings of her body, books, pictures, and clips. “My encounter with Zahia was an esthetic revelation," Pierre Passebon, owner of the gallery said in a release. “Her body is a real sculpture (…). It is the very expression of her art."

To celebrate the premiere of her T&A art, there was an opening party last week attended by Karl Lagerfeld and French actress Isabelle Adjani. According to the release, Adjani is a fan and is in talks with Zahia to feature her in a documentary. Let's hope it will be subtitled in English, because it will surely be one not to miss.

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