Gucci Decimates the Competition in Fall's Cover War with Over 100 Covers

Last season, Prada's spring bananas and bright colors beat out all other big labels to be featured on the most magazine covers with 77, as we counted it. Score one for their PR department. Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana trailed in second and third, but now with a new season and thousands of new covers, Prada has officially been dethroned.
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Last season,

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Trailing behind in second and third were Louis Vuitton (77 covers), and Prada (with 44). Don't cry for Prada, though. When one season ends, a new one begins. Covers from the new year are rolling in and we have Prada's pastels intimidating the competition, having graced over a dozen

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The winner. Can you believe how many covers that is? We dare you to count.

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Louis Vuitton's dominatrix had plenty of cover time. Those hats were mighty popular.

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Prada's pailettes weren't quite as popular as a cover star as we thought they were going to be, though 40+ covers is hardly something to complain about.