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Not a Good Look: Gisele Faces Backlash After Her Super Bowl Rant is Caught on Camera

Uh oh: Looks like Gisele has gotten herself into some hot water with her hubby Tom Brady’s Patriot teammates and their millions of fans. The supermodel was captured on video by The Insider (without her knowledge) as she was leaving the Super Bowl, when she snapped in response to the jeers of Giants fans, saying, "You catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time! I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times!” Brady's teammates are none too happy with the Brazilian stunner.

Uh oh: Looks like

The supermodel has also caught the ire of the press. The Post ran a photo of Gisele with headline "Ball Buster" as their cover today, while columnist Andrea Peyser quipped that this was the first time the "skinny supermodel/arm candy/trophy wife" had known defeat in her "charmed life."

Well, it's not like Gisele got famous for her sparkling personality.

Watch the full video of Gisele sounding off below.

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