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Street Style Special Edition: Industry Style-Crush Miroslava Duma On Looking Like a 'Stylish Cabbage'

Over the past few seasons, Miroslava Duma has quickly become one of the most snapped after sought after street style starlets. But, this petite Russe

Over the past few seasons, Miroslava Duma has quickly become one of the most snapped after sought after street style starlets. But, this petite Russe is no stranger to the fashion biz. She is the former Editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia and current freelance writer for countless Russian publications including Tatler . As if that's not enough, just last year Mira gave birth to a baby boy and launched her own magazine, Buro247 in Russia.

Mira's been captured by the likes of The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, and Tommy Ton and kind of an industry-wide style crush. So, when I found Mira in front of my lens, I couldn't hold back the questions! Being as petite as you are, what is your advice for dressing for your frame, while staying true to your style? I do alteration for 100% of my closet. Every single item I have must be altered...otherwise it will look huge and weird. And I basically think that I'm not the one to give advice, because I still do plenty of mistakes. I'm studying fashion and experimenting with it. Is there anything you would never be caught wearing? Never say never. I remember me saying that wearing leather and leopard print is vulgar, and then about one year later, I caught myself searching for these particular items like crazy. What three items are always in your bag? My Blackberry, my wallet, and wet tissues. If you had to choose one designer to wear for the rest of your life, whose designs would you choose? Ralph Lauren, my absolute love. What's your guilty pleasure? Junk food!!! Sweets and chocolate! I don’t drink alcohol and coffee, don’t smoke, don’t go to clubs, so those are my biggest guilties. Has your style changed since becoming a mother? It had at first, it had become more classical, but now I'm again very much experimental. What is your first or favorite fashion memory? It might be my mother’s dark blue Thierry Mugler suit. What is playing on your iPod right now? Always Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra. Now it might be Whitney Houston. What are you currently obsessed with? If we speak about fashion, it's definitely necklaces. Winter seems to have finally arrived in NYC, but you are no stranger to the cold weather, being Russian. How do you stay warm and stylish? In my country we got used to it, so it's kind of habit. We always learned to cope with it, using all the hats, gloves, and scarves, looking like a cabbage...but a stylish cabbage. Where do you go to re-charge after the craziness of fashion month? Be with my baby, he is my absolute energizer. What is the first and last thing you do every day? Wake up and go to bed. Lastly, what's next for Miroslava Duma? There is always millions of ideas in my head, so better not speak--better do and you just follow me.

Photos by Ashley Jahncke

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