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Eric Daman Talks Carrie Diaries Wardrobe, Plus See the Original 'Carrie Necklace'

Eric Daman, who’s currently pulling 14-hour days while simultaneously styling Gossip Girl and Carrie Diaries, has somehow found a way to fit in a col

Eric Daman, who’s currently pulling 14-hour days while simultaneously styling Gossip Girl and Carrie Diaries, has somehow found a way to fit in a collaboration with gemstone magnate Swarovski, which launched last night with a soirée at Swarovski’s Rockefeller Center Concourse store. Through the windows, we could see tourists swirling around in the nearby ice skating rink, until suddenly they were all in the store—tickled to death to meet the celebrated costume designer and take in his shipwreck-goes-west jewelry designs. The crowd did not deter us from prodding Daman’s mind about Carrie Bradshaw’s teenage incarnation. And it worked. We found out that Carrie’s love of nameplates began long before adulthood—and she’ll be wearing a little ‘C’ necklace, designed by Alex Woo, throughout the series.

Fashionista: So talk to us a little bit about this collaboration and your designs. Eric Daman: Swarovski had just come out with these tumbled rocks that resemble turquoise and I personally really love Native American jewelry, it’s something I’m really passionate about. They handed me their giant crystal bible, which is about three times the size of the actual bible. The cuff was inspired by this 1950’s Santa Fe bracelet that I found in my research, and the crystal chains are supposed to give it a bit of that punk rock edge.

Awesome! Well it kind of seems like you and Janie Bryant are ruling the costume design airwaves and have paved the way for a sort of celebrity costumer. How does that feel? I feel very excited, but with all of that you have to be very careful and do things that are relevant and great. You become very busy, very fast. I love Janie, she’s actually a good friend of mine, and what she does for Banana Republic is spot on. I think it’s thrilling that people watching at home want to be a part of it and want to see an extension of what you create for television.

So talk to us a little about Carrie Diaries. What can you say about a young Carrie Bradshaw’s style? Well the show takes place in the 80’s so Stephanie Savage [the show’s creator] and I decided to create a sense of ‘aspirational authenticity’ because the 80’s were really decadent and as for as clothing goes, you want to make it very modern—we wanted to inject freshness. It’s kind of about how does she know how to put that flower brooch on, and where does the Carrie necklace come from.

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So will the nameplate be making a comeback? We are doing a little ‘C’ necklace; it’s by Alex Woo.

Any other tidbits you can tell us? I think the team in charge of casting the Carrie role did a really great job. Anna Sophia is a delight, she’s a free spirit, a quirky little girl. She has a very big Manolo to fill!