Fashionista Turns Five! Fashionista’s Fifth Editor, Lauren Sherman, Takes a Look Back

Believe it or not, Fashionista turns five years old this year. Which is, you know, pretty old in blog years. To celebrate our big bday, we’ve asked all of Fashionista’s former editors (in chronological order that’s Faran Krentcil, Natalie Hormilla, Abby Gardner, Britt Aboutaleb, and Lauren Sherman) to reflect back on their time at Fashionista from the highs (seeing a Chanel show) to the lows (being chewed out by Arianne Phillips for leaking her fashion week plans and costing her a client). Last week Britt made us all tear up by sharing her fondest memories spent with each of Fashionista's former (and current!) editors. And before Britt: Abby enumerated her favorite moments at the helm, Letterman-style, with a top 10 list; Natalie waxed nostalgic about afternoon Soho news-gathering strolls; and kicking off the series, Faran, the site’s founding editor, held us captive with stories of Fashionista's early days. Next up, my former editor (whom I still miss A LOT) Lauren Sherman, who is now the executive editor at LuckyMag.com.

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