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Fiona Byrne On Why She Folded, Her Fashion Site With Agyness Deyn, and Is Launching A New One

When Fiona Byrne and Agyness Deyn launched in 2010, we had high hopes for the online mag: The fashion was on-point, the content was well-written, and hello, they had fashion's model du jour and a veteran journalist at the helm. So, needless to say, we were a bit saddened when we popped over to recently only to find a message reading: As of today, Naag will be no longer. Thanks so much for your support and kind words over the past couple of years, it's been so much fun and it means so much that you liked Naag as much as we did. We won't say goodbye, we'll say "till we meet again." We got in touch with co-founder Byrne to get the scoop on why the site called it quits--and where we can go to hear her voice now (hint: she's got a new site).

When Fiona Byrne and

"[We decided to shut Naag down because] I wanted to focus on my own site and Aggy was at the very start of her acting career so she wanted to focus on that," Byrne told us. No drama, no gossip: the duo simply decided to part ways as they pursued other ventures.

Was it a hard decision to make? "A small bit," Byrne said. "I really liked Naag and just like with anything you like, you are sad to see it go." Happily, though, Byrne has found another outlet for her editorial talent: Enter Byrne Notice, the journalist's just-launched site, which helps to fill the void Naag left--and them some.

"There were things I wanted to do [at Naag], such as interiors, and it made more sense to do them on The Byrne Notice," Byrne told us.

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"Aesthetically [Byrne Notice is] more editorial looking [than Naag]," she said. "I wanted a more classic look. I've also added interiors, separated Food & Drink and Travel and I have a lot more galleries within stories. That's something I enjoy on other sites so I wanted to make sure we had it here.

"It's also a little less 'everything is awesome' and more informative and sometimes a bit droll," she added.

To wit, Byrne Notice's homepage currently houses a house tour and interview with Christian Siriano and boyfriend Brad Walsh, a piece on home accessories label Make & Brothers, a news item on the YSL exhibit in Denver, and a cute review of Miami's The Shore Club's mini-bar.

Needless to say, we think we've found a new bookmark.