Everything You Need to Know About Kanye West's (Already Poorly Reviewed) Show

We weren't at Kanye West's show today, but in this age of Twitter, you almost don't have to be anywhere anymore--just follow a few well-placed peopl

We weren't at Kanye West's show today, but in this age of

1) Several tweeters noted that the rather cavernous space was pretty empty close to show time, which was 930pm in Paris. @BritishVogue tweeted: "Kanye's show ominously empty. Might go home + make up a report based on rumour+lies for fun #pfw" Elle's Joe Zee tweeted: "Crazy door scene at @KanyeWest show but inside, there's a quiet anticipation. Show starting soon. Buckle up kids."

2) But there were definitely a few notables there: Kim Kardashian (who tweeted a pic of

8) There were go-karts both during the finale and at the after party. Super hot pic of model Anne V at after party with Kanye, tweeted by her at right.

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9) Azealia Banks, Common, Big Sean, and Mos Def all performed at the after party, prompting Azealia to tweet: "That was the most fun I've had this year! @kanyewest"

10) And the first review is in. The NYT's Eric Wilson had quite a bit to say, and it wasn't great. He pointed out that the front row (see number 2 above) "gives some idea of the target customer he has in mind for a collection that seemed desperately trying to project both an aura of coolness and easy availability." It didn't get much better from there. Kanye was supposed to do a preview for the press, but decided to cancel it last minute...while Wilson was already in the showroom. "'I don’t know about this,” Kanye said said. “I got treated unfairly by the press last time. Why would I want to do this?'” And then he kicked Wilson out. Wilson watched the show objectively, but pointed out the "questionable fur looks" and that "Mr. West’s approach to making a dress was like a cook wrapping leftover turkey." (He DID like an oversized sweatshirt, however.)

Click through to see pictures from the show. What do you think?

Photos: Getty, Twitter