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Bianca Balti, the Face of Ferragamo's New Fragrance, Tells Us Why She's Like a Cat

Last night Ferragamo celebrated the launch of their new fragrance, Signorina, with a celeb-filled bash at Julian Schnabel's glorious pink Palazzo Ch

Last night Ferragamo celebrated the launch of their new fragrance, Signorina, with a celeb-filled bash at Julian Schnabel's glorious pink Palazzo Chupi (his daughter Stella also happened to be one of the hosts of the party). The Richards sisters, Kate Mara, AnnaSophia Robb (the newly cast young Carrie Bradshaw), Courtney Love, Emma Roberts, and fashion-y socialites galore were all there, many of them dressed in head-to-toe spring/summer Ferragamo, and sipping on champagne and nibbling on, what else, macarons (it was maracon day after all).

Another cool part about this fragrance: It will have an accompanying social media component, a website called The Girls About Town set to launch on March 26, that will, according to a release, "follow the face of Signorina, Bianca Balti, along with Rachel Chandler-Guinness, Alexandra Richards, Theodora Richards, and Lauren Remington-Platt on their journeys and lifestyles as the quintessential Signorinas." Each "Signorina" will upload content (think photos from their glamorous lives) daily.

We caught up with Italian stunner Bianca Balti, the face of the new fragrance, and after chatting about the scent and her four-year-old daughter who likes to play dress up in her clothes, we discovered the most important thing about Balti: She's a serious cat person, with permanent ink to prove it. Fashionista: What was it like to get the job as the face of Signorina? Why are you a good fit? Bianca Balti: The first thing I love about the fragrance is the name, Signorina, because in Italy signorina is what you say to kids when they play dress up to be like a woman. Like my daughter when she wears high heels, she puts lipstick, and then you're like, 'Oh what a signorina you are!' So it's like a young lady who plays with her femininity and that's what I like. I'm very proud they chose me. I think it really suits me. It's a girl that doesn't wear too much makeup, she wears the first dress she puts on, she wears flats, and she feels confident like that, and that's how I feel.

Would you let your daughter wear the fragrance? Oh yes of course, she's allowed to do anything she wants. Because my mom, she didn't let me do anything so now if she's like, 'Can I put makeup on?' I'm like 'Yeah, do it!' I think there is nothing wrong. She's four. Maybe later on I will get worried.

What's her name? Matilde.

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Does she try on your clothes? Oh everything. She loves long dresses to the feet.

I'm sure they're so long on her! No she's so tall you have no idea. But she wears my t-shirt or my boyfriend's t-shirt as a dress and then she puts my high heels on she's so good at walking in my high heels.

Does she want to be a model? Oh no, [laughs] she wants to be a veteranarian.

Do you have pets? No, because I'm moving to a new house and then I will buy three cats, one for me, one for her and one for my boyfriend.

[Warning: this is where things get creepy.] I'm a cat person too! Look! [This is when she shows me her awesome tattoo, which says 'cat' in the crook of her elbow.]

Can you tell me about your tattoo? Because I'm a little obsessed. So I got it when I met my boyfriend because he has a rock band named Cats and he had this tattoo on his belly. So not to be a groupie I did it, but I love cats. In a way I think I am a cat because they're moody. If they want to be they're very sweet and sometimes they just want to be alone. And that's how I am. Sometimes I want to be alone and then I'm very sweet.