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8 New Spring Nail Polish Collections You're Gonna Want (Plus Caviar Nail Art Kits are Here!)

If you thought fashion seasons were confusing, try keeping up with the nail polish market. New amazing products are hitting shelves--both virtual an

If you thought fashion seasons were confusing, try keeping up with the nail polish market. New amazing products are hitting shelves--both virtual and brick-and-mortar--daily. Luckily we are 100% dedicated to making sure you know about absolutely every color option available.

From cartoons to high-brow themes like "Human Fundamentalism", and even an 80s throwback, check out the latest spring/summer polish launches from OPI, Essie, Illamasqua and more. Oh, and remember those caviar nail kits? They went on sale this week, sold out, but have been restocked at Sephora (details next page). Run, do not walk to your nearest computer and order them STAT.

Click through to check out all the new collections.

Oh, and we want to see what you do with all your fun new nail polish. Let us peep your manis! Here’s how to submit pics to us: Tweet a photo @fashionista_com with the hashtag #nailart, email the photos to, or click the button below to upload from your computer!

Ciaté Caviar Manicure: Comes in 3 options: Rainbow, Mother of Pearl, and Black Pearls. Each bead "polish" is sold as a pair with a coordinating nail polish shade. Available at Sephora now, $25.

Ciaté Spring Sundae Collection: New UK import Ciaté, besides the caviar nail kits, also makes some really pretty polishes. This is their gorgeous spring collection. Colors: Cream Soda, Sugar Plum, Strawberry Milkshake, and Iced Frappe. Yum. Available in the UK now but hopefully will hit Sephora soon, $15.

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Collection: Illamasqua's lacquers are a cult fave of manicurists everywhere because of the rich pigments and staying power. The brand tweaks the colors of the season--mint and lavender--with some edge. Colors: Nomad and Stance, available at Sephora now, $14.

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OPI Minnie Mouse Collection: A collection where every single polish is pink, sparkly, or both? OK! The colors are: The Color of Minnie, Nothin Mousie Bout It (yes, those are glitter hearts), I'm All Ears, and If You Moust You Moust. Available in June, $8.50

OPI Spiderman Collection: We stopped asking a long time ago why nail polish and movies seem to end up together. Colors: Green Shatter, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Call Me Gwenever, Your Web or Mine, Just Spotted the Lizard, Number One Nemesis, Into the Night. Available in May, $8.50.

Essie Poppy Razzi: Winner for best collection name this season. Plus it's neon. Colors: Action, Bazooka, Camera, Lights. (OK so we didn't line them up in the picture for the best possible name impact, but you get the idea.) Available May 2012, $8.00.

Essie 2012 Bridal Collection: You don't have to be a bride to wear these lush pastels. Really. We won't tell. Colors: Instant Hot, Like To Be Bad, Who Is the Boss, Love & Accepatance. Available this month, $8.00.

LCN Colour Me Up Box Set: Everyone's doing neon, but no one's acknowledging that crazy, amazing decade from whence they came: the 80s! LCN is offering this Rubik's Cube-esque boxed set to remind you just how tacky totally awesome that decade was. Colors clockwise starting from the orange: Spice Up Your Life, Fantappleistic, Some Like It Hot, Colour Me Up. Available now, $29.90 for the set or $7.50 at LCN.