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Crystal Renn On Why She Went Blonde and How Fashion Made Her a 'Mental Patient'

Last night's ninth annual New Yorkers for Children spring dinner dance could have easily doubled as a fashion show with an A-list casting. Doutzen K

Last night's ninth annual New Yorkers for Children spring dinner dance could have easily doubled as a fashion show with an A-list casting. Doutzen Kroes, Erin Heatherton, Selita Ebanks, Coco Rocha and Crystal Renn all turned out to show their support for the organization, which benefits youth in foster care.

While everyone looked gorgeous (damn, can Doutzen Kroes work a jumpsuit) our eyes were drawn immediately to the newly platinum blonde Crystal Renn, who was seriously "werk"ing her Zac Posen gown.

Renn debuted her new 'do unintentionally last week when some shots of her on vacation in the Bahamas hit the internets. The immediate reaction was, well, not great. We chatted with the model about her decision to go blonde, what she thinks of her naysayers and the possibility of an acting career. And somehow we also wound up talking about how fashion can turn you into a mental patient.

Fashionista: So, tell me about going blonde. Crystal Renn: It's so interesting because I think it's the last thing people would expect me to do--which is exactly why I did it. Besides, I was having a Gemini moment.

What does that mean to have a "Gemini moment"? It means that you can get bored and you want a bit of a change. So I would say besides having projects in the works, that I wanted something new myself so I decided to keep it.

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What do you think about people's reactions to your new look? They've been, um, mixed. Well that wasn't my actual hair color [in those photos snapped of Renn in Jamaica]. That was on vacation and anytime you get caught on vacation in pictures there's always a reaction. I'm a normal person just like anyone else and I love dolphins! No matter what hair color you have, anytime you're in the ocean, wet, with dolphins...I didn't expect to have a fashion moment off of my vacation photos. So, here's my fashion moment.

I think it's happening. And why did you decide to bleach your brows too? I'm in a place where I want to play with my look and because my eyebrows are such a prominent feature I thought it would be interesting to mix it with the white in my hair. I have very thick brows and to have thick white brows, it was very appealing to me. I wanted to do blond in a different way. I technically have white in my hair.

So are you having more fun? I'm having different fun.

How is it different? As a brunette, I felt very comfortable. It was the color I'd been my whole life. What I like is the challenge of full time being a different person in a way--and integrating my personality in what started out as a character. There's this fusing going on right now that is very interesting. Because the first day that it happens you look in the mirror you don't know who you are. But a few days on, I'm starting to feel like myself, blond or not. And that's how I should feel.

So you talked about going blonde to become a character for a job...I have to ask, is acting on the horizon? I'm always considering new projects. But it's not something that I have pursued because my modeling career is so busy and if I were to pursue acting I'd want to take it very seriously and study. If the right part came along, yes, most certainly, I would do it. I'm becoming more and more open to that every day. Modeling feels like acting. Did you see those Interview shots of me playing a mental patient? I was in character all day.

Yes! Do you get emotionally drained after doing something like that? Yes, but it's worth it. Some of those shots were in between shots, [Steven] Klein was shooting all day and I was in character for 15 hours. Like I was actually that dirty. You become a mental patient in fashion. And some people got really huffy about it, like should we mix the two? And I think what's most important is that you want to believe the story--you do it for movies so why wouldn't you do it for fashion?