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In Honor of Earth Day: The Best Paper-Free Ways to Read Fashion Magazines

Earth Day is next Sunday and while fashion isn't exactly the most environmentally responsible industry, one simple way to keep your fashion obsession
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Earth Day is next Sunday and while fashion isn't exactly the most environmentally responsible industry, one simple way to keep your fashion obsession eco-friendly is to cut out magazines. Don't freak out--there's no need to give them up entirely--just the physical paper versions. Nowadays, as just about everything shifts to online, most magazines offer some way to flip through their pages in a digital format. Added benefits of digital magazines include not having to hide your magazine stacks in the bathtub when guests come over, not having to physically go somewhere to purchase them and lug them home, and, in most cases, saving money.

Click through for some of the best and easiest ways to read your favorite magazines digitally. You may be killing print, but at least you won't be killing any trees!

Next Issue Next Issue is a new app that bills itself as Hulu or Netflix for magazines. You pay a flat monthly or yearly rate and have unlimited access to current issues of popular monthly and weekly magazines. You also have the option to subscribe to individual magazines or purchase individual issues of magazines. The app launched in collaboration with major publishing houses on board including Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corporation and Time Inc. The weird thing is it's only available on Android tablets. However, they're planning to launch an iPad edition soon.

iPad Apps Want to read your favorite magazine instantly without any paper involved? There's an app for that. Most major glossies produce digital editions available for the iPad. Vogue recently launched theirs and all your other faves are there in the App Store, including Elle, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar and more. So are more independent magazines like V, Interview and Nylon, and international ones including Love, L'Officiel and Tatler. The apps are free to download, and individual issues usually cost around $3-$5.


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Zinio is a handy app and website that basically organizes all of the digital editions of magazines into one place. Glossies are organized by category ("fashion" is 15 pages long) and super easy to purchase--whether you want a year-long subscription or single issue--and for whatever platform for which it's available--not just iPad.


Most magazines that are available for the iPad are also available for e-readers like the Kindle, Kindle Fire and NOOK. All the ubiquitous glossies--Vogue, W, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Lucky, etc. are on Amazon as well as some more independent ones like Interview and NYLON. There are less options for NOOK, but all the majors from Condé, Hearst and Time Inc. are present.

Online-only Magazines

Magazines that only exist online are slowly gaining momentum. Some of our favorites include Matchbook Mag, Contributing Editor, Lonny, and N.E.E.T. Many of them feature the same production quality and great photography you might find in a print publication.