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Mad Men Style Recap, Episode 5: Lots of Plaid Sport Coats and One Pair of Leopard Print Undies

Watching a Pete-centric episode of Mad Men is exactly like watching a car crash; it's horrible but you can't look away. Even though Pete has been a
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Watching a Pete-centric episode of Mad Men is exactly like watching a car crash; it's horrible but you can't look away. Even though Pete has been a scoundrel for five seasons, there is a small part of me that is certain he will emerge a better man. It didn't happen last night, though, that's for sure.

As Pete seduced and stumbled his way through the episode it became evident that he just wanted to feel needed, and to feel a sense of power. Unfortunately, he subverts his own happiness with rash decisions. But enough psychoanalysis, let's get to the clothes!

Jenny Pete meets Jenny in drivers' ed -- she is young and easygoing, and has a wardrobe of bright pastels and cutesy hairdos. Naturally, she falls for "handsome" instead of Pete.

Ken and Peggy As Ken tries to keep his career as a sci-fi writer under wraps, he runs into Peggy in a diner. Ken is wearing a green suit. That is definitely not what I would reccomend wearing if you're trying to fly under the radar, but then again Ken also takes his editor to a diner nearby his office. Peggy is wearing a sleeveless white, black, and yellow checked dress.

Megan Inside Don's office Megan is typing away in a yellow, black, and white chevron print zip-up dress. She's wearing the same color palette as Peggy, but Megan's dress is sleeker and sexier--though less intricate. Megan's job at SCDP hasn't really been explored, but from the gist of the past few episodes it seems like she comes in late, leaves early, and hides away in Don's office all day typing coupon slogans. It's hard to imagine her with a future similar to Peggy's at all.

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Trudy There's no hiding that Trudy is the most sartorially crazy character on Mad Men, but her choices last night were eerily foreboding. Trudy's green printed dress, while beautiful, has the same dated silhouette as so many that Betty had worn in seasons one through four. Not the best omen for the Campbells.

Cynthia, Megan, and Trudy Later at the Campbell's dinner party, Trudy wears a white floral dress almost identical to one Betty has worn. Cynthia, Ken's wife, is in a bright yellow shift and Megan is in a psychedelic print orange, purple, and beige dress with dangling ball earrings. Her white eyeshadow really completes the look. You know that by 1976 Megan is going to be regretting that choice.

Don, Pete, and Ken If Don, Pete, and Ken laid out their jackets together, it would form the world's ugliest picnic blanket. I suppose plaids are the requisite print for "the country" as Megan calls it.

Pete's "Lady friend" After losing the lobster bibs from dinner, the SCDP boys take their new client to a brothel, which ultimately backfires following an embarrassing "gum-on-pubis" incident. The best dressed lady-of-the-night is Pete's girl, who paired her leopard print lingerie with all white plastic accessories. Because of Pete's sorry self-esteem, the only thing she can say to get him going is "You're my king," which is not only disturbing, but really sad considering that on the surface it really would seem like Pete has it all: big house, great job, gorgeous and supportive wife, and smiling little girl. It's clear that Pete is replacing Don as the self-destructive man on the show.

Lane Said "gum-in-pubis" incident results in a lost client and a fistfight between Lane and Pete, which Lane wins. Lane's also down in the dumps, but beating the heavens out of Pete doesn't really help improve his self-esteem, especially after he foolishly tries to kiss Joan. I'd say it's probably because all his ties look like they have an embroidered Mickey Mouse on the bottom, but that's just my guess.

Peggy and Joan At the end of the episode Peggy sports a sky blue and brown printed top with a matching skirt and Joan is lovely as ever in an emerald, curve-hugging dress, with matching enamel earrings.