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Mad Men Style Recap, Episode 7: Peggy's Failed Proposal Dress, Balenciaga-Inspired Shopping Outfits

On last night's episode of Mad Men Megan's parents arrived from Montreal to speak French, judge Don, and question Megan's life choices...I mean, see
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On last night's episode of Mad Men Megan's parents arrived from Montreal to speak French, judge Don, and question Megan's life choices...I mean, see Don receive an award from the American Cancer Society. Don's confidence was shattered when he learned that the ACS members wouldn't do business with him because of his turn on Lucky Strike. And Sally was deeply affected by a certain something that took place between Mrs. Calvet and Roger in the ladies room...

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Mona The episode opened with Roger and Mona talking about Roger's divorce and how Mona can help him gain clients at the ACS event. Mona wore a sparkly black dress and diamanté earrings that were two different lengths. I don't remember her being such a snazzy dresser in the past, but maybe she's really spiced it up since leaving Roger. If there was a Real Housewives franchise in 1966, I get the feeling that Mona would be the star.

Don Don's wardrobe in this episode was a bit goofy. Whereas he's usually dapper and minimal, his striped pyjamas and clashing striped tie make him seem softer around the edges than ever before. Even though tough-guy Don can be a terrible person, there's something very disconcerting about seeing him so warm and happy all of a sudden. I guess I'm just waiting for him to snap back into his old ways.

Ginsberg & Stan At the office Ginsberg and Stan have gotten into a sartorial rhythm. Ginsberg is all about the printed button down, this time paired with a cardigan, and Stan is in a red, long-sleeved version of his favorite knit polo shirt.

Peggy Peggy is easily the most fashionably confused character on Mad Men. In the office she wears a plaid jumper is that's kind of cute, but looks dowdy paired with a blue button down. Peggy has a wardrobe crisis when she thinks Abe is proposing to her, and as per Joan's advice goes and buys a new dress. She ends up in a hot pink, empire-waisted mini-dress with rose-hued pearls and a perfect flip hair-do. Peggy looks sweet, and might even be channeling a Joan-look in a bright color and sexier dress. The difference between Peggy and Joan is that Peggy is not the marrying type, and she looks a bit dumbfounded when Abe says "move-in" instead of "marry me."

Peggy Stepping into a more domestic role, Peggy dons a full-skirted, blue and green printed dress to cook dinner for her mother and Abe. Obviously, Mother Olson isn't going to take the moving-in-before-marriage news sitting down--she leaves dinner at the mention of it. I'm guessing Peggy's ham wasn't so good either.

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Joan & Peggy Peggy gets into the office to tell Joan that she's been moved in with and not married. Joan is happy for her, which just made me feel sadder about Joan's reality. She was still wearing her wedding ring and didn't referred to Greg as through they were still together. Maybe she hasn't told the SCDP employees about her failed marriage? At least she looks beautiful as always, in an electric blue slim fitting dress

Megan Megan in the office consists of exclusively turtlenecks in this episode. First she wears a navy one with a striped blanket skirt to present her genius Heinz idea to Don, and for her congratulatory celebration she wears a pink dress that looks like a turtleneck and a jumper. Her muted colors and more conservative style this episode in the office shows that Megan wants to be taken more seriously, but even when she is, she's not totally pleased. When Peggy tells Megan that, "This is as good as this job gets," in regards to making the Heinz clients happy, Megan looks more miserable than happy. I have a hunch that Megan will leave SCDP by the season's end, which will lead to some drama at the Draper household.

Megan & Don At the Heinz dinner Megan wears a kooky chartreuse dress with intensely winged eyeliner. She's saves the account by swooping in and setting up Don with the pitch, after the client's wife alerts her that the deal is over in the bathroom. It's good to see Megan on her toes and in action after she was the victim in last week's episode.

Marie, Megan, & Sally A fancy event always calls for some shopping, and Marie, Megan's mother, Megan, and Sally put on their craziest outfits to hit the shops. Megan's look is clearly the inspiration for Balenciaga AW06, and Marie's hat is better than any fascinator I could imagine.

Marie & Roger You knew this was going to end badly, didn't you?

Sally Of course, Sally's new look for the ACS event is way too grown up for Don, and causes a bit of a stir when Don's tells her to tone it down and Mr. Calvet makes a remark about girls spreading their legs and growing up... you know, in reagards to his own daughter shacking up with Don himself. It was awkward.

Emile, Marie, Megan, Don, and Sally Everybody's got problems by the end of the episode. Emile is angry that Megan isn't reaching her full potential by relying on Don, and also that she's definitely not a Marxist. Marie is cheating on her husband (by giving Roger a blow job in the very public ladies room) to get back at him for calling a grad student when his book deal fell through. This traumatizes Sally when she walks in, leading to her puzzled expression. Megan is blue about her job; same for Don, who fears that his daring act against Lucky Strike will lose him clients in the future.