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Namesake Bags and the Celebrities Who Inspired Them

Today we learned that Mulberry was releasing its newest it-accessory, the Del Rey bag, a month earlier than its original May 14 release date. The bag'
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Today we learned that Mulberry was releasing its newest it-accessory, the Del Rey bag, a month earlier than its original May 14 release date. The bag's namesake, of course, is fashion darling (and critical disaster) Lana Del Rey, who hit it big (like, really, astronomically big) in late-'11/early-'12 with her lo-fi YouTube music videos and her "Gangsta Nancy Sinatra" persona. Her inflated lips and sultry gaze were plastered all over magazine covers and Tumblr accounts-- and then her album came out (to subpar reception), and SNL happened (even worse), and it all kind of went downhill, at least in terms of her music career.

It got us wondering: Did Mulberry release the $1,250 Del Rey bag a month early to try and cash in on whatever's left of LDR hysteria, or was it really just a sneaky fashion treat? The bag itself has a classic shape and design that will most-likely withstand the test of time-- more than, say, the insta-Internet celeb it was named after. We couldn't help but think about all the many It-bags that have been named after other influential stylemakers, and the stylistic links between the actual bags and their namesakes. Click through our celeb-to-bag comparison shots- from the Birkin to the Daphne- and tell us what you think-- Is there actually a correlation between the designs and their namesakes? And would you carry a bag simply because of the celebrity name attached? We want to know what's your bag, baby!

One of the most exclusive and expensive bags in history (prices can soar upwards of $100,000 a bag), the Hermes Birkin bag was created for French singer/actress Jane Birkin after she complained about finding the perfect weekender bag. The name 'Birkin,' in reference to the bag, is arguably more famous at this point than its own celebrity namesake.

The Hermes Kelly bag was already a favorite of Princess Grace before it got its name-- though the bag's tailored, classic shape does seem to reflect Kelly's own timeless style. The stunning actress famously used the bag's large frame to hide her pregnancy from the paps, which in turn made the accessory hugely famous.

Gucci's Bardot bag has a glamorous and curvy yet classic shape... just like its '60s sex kitten namesake. Perfect for toting your liquid liner and teasing comb!

Sophia Loren has been a long-time customer of Ferragamo, and now her namesake bag is carried by other fashion forward celebs (Jennifer Aniston is a bag-carrying fan).

Bally's Greta bag is named after '20s screen starlet Greta Garbo. The extreme arch of the handle is surely in reference to Garbo's famously drawn on brows, non?

When Marc Jacobs sent BryanBoy the ostrich skin first edition of his namesake BB bag in 2008, the blogger posted that it was "the best thing that has ever happened to [him]." We'd probably feel the same way. Yes, we definitely would.

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Jason Wu named the 'Daphne,' his signature,'40s-style frame bag after model Daphne Groeneveld, because her "striking, classic-with-a-twist look remind[ed him] so much of this bag that [he] decided to name it after her." Sounds like a good enough reason to us!

Mulberry channelled London It-girl Alexa Chung for its Alexa bag in 2010, making the satchel an instant must-have amongst the cool crowd. The hipster often names Jane Birkin as one of her style heroes-- could the Alexa become our generation's Birkin bag?

Banana Republic named this clutch The Freja, definitely in reference to runway and campaign queen Freja Beha Erichsen. The menswear inspired bag clearly reflects Freja's personal style, while the structure is angular and thin-- wonder what that's about?

Marc Jacobs apparently created the quilted Stam bag in 2006 for the Canadian model to carry around her portfolio, and it's been an It-bag ever since. Sure beats a canvas tote bag!

Luella's Gisele bag, with its heart-shaped tags, is the epitome of girly-- which doesn't seem to totally suit its Brazilian babe namesake. Nevertheless, the bag became a fast celeb favorite when it was released in 2002 as part of a Mulberry collaboration, and helped bring the struggling (and now defunct) Luella brand back from bankruptcy.

Mulberry's Del Ray has a classic, sort of inflated shape, just like the lips of its namesake! Usually a designer changes the name of an already existing bag to suit a celebrity fan, but we wonder if this one's celebrity name will end up sticking.