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Overexposed: Celebs Who Bare All (On Purpose) On the Red Carpet

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No one knows better than (C and D list) celebrities that you don't need clothes to make a fashion statement. For example, ex-Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton had us all scratching our heads today, wondering what in the world possessed her to roll through a dignified affair like the ELLE Women in Music event wearing this very see-through, nipple-revealing lace frock.

But Ms. Thornton's in good company! Megastars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna have all displayed their ladybits for the world to see in various naughty getups.

We rounded up the most intentionally revealing looks celebrities have donned over the years. We warn you, many of these skin-baring outfits make Ms. Thornton's dress look tame.

Lil' Kim, 1999 MTV Video Music Awards

Lil' Kim famously attended the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards in a purple jumpsuit covering only 3/4 of her body. She kept her left breast mostly exposed, covering her nipple with a spangled sequin pastie. Diana Ross later copped a feel of the unleashed mammary onstage while she and the rapper presented an award.

Lady Gaga, 2011 CFDA Awards

Lady Gaga received the CFDA's Fashion Icon of the Year Award in a custom Mugler gown, whose dangerously low-cut bodice was a nip-slip waiting to happen. And happen it did. Over and over again. The singer also sported an admittedly badass spiked thong. We wonder how she managed to sit in that thing...

Jennifer Lopez, 2000 Grammy Awards

The image of Jennifer Lopez arriving at the 2000 Grammys alongside Diddy (then, Puff Daddy) in this low-cut, belly baring sheer Versace dress is one that has been etched on the minds of an entire generation. Was she wearing a glorified beach cover-up? Yes. Does that make this any less of a great fashion moment? No.

Coco Austin, 2005 MTV Video Music Awards

Coco Austin, wife to rapper-cum-Law and Order: Special Victims Unit actor Ice T ditched the bra and opaque fabric, and wore a mesh bodycon "dress" to the 2005 VMA's. We're giving this look some major side-eye, but Ice T seemed to be okay with it.

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Rose McGowan, 1998 MTV Video Music Awards

You can't show up to the VMA's with one of (at the time) music's most controversial artists wearing a modest little shift dress. No ma'am. Rose McGowan attended the 1998 VMA's in this mesh and chain number, butt all out and everything! She's like the OG of nearly naked red-carpet looks!

Rihanna, Da Silviano Resturauant, 2012

Rihanna was spotted leaving Da Silviano Restuarant last month in this mesh top which might not have been the best choice for a casual dinner at a nice establishment. We hope the air conditioning wasn't on too high in there.

Toni Braxton, 2002 Grammy Awards

Toni Braxton took home a Grammy in this very skimpy, white Richard Tyler loincloth frock. The "Unbreak My Heart" singer brought new meaning to the adage "If you got it, flaunt it."

Adrienne Bailon showed up to the Escape to Total Rewards event in New York City rocking this Dominique Auxilly sheer ruffle dress. The "Cheetah Girls" actress thought everything was cool, until a gust of wind blew up the front ruffle of the frock, revealing Bailon's nannie for all to see. Well, at least she tried to cover up?

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2002 Oscars

Gwyneth Paltrow left her bra at home to walk the 2002 Oscars' red carpet. The actress gave America an eyeful of her free-wheeling ta-tas in the dress' rather sheer bodice.

Keri Hilson, Hennesy White Rabbit Event, 2012

Keri Hilson showed America her twins this week in a super-sheer colorblock top. Nice, uh, sunglasses, Miss Keri.