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Sea of Shoes' Jane Aldridge Responds to Controversial Profile, Says Quotes Are 'Blatantly Made Up'

Jane Aldridge, of the popular style blog Sea of Shoes, just scored a lengthy profile in Texas Monthly written by Jason Sheeler, and it's earned her s

Jane Aldridge, of the popular style blog Sea of Shoes, just scored a lengthy profile in Texas Monthly written by Jason Sheeler, and it's earned her some negative attention.

The article starts out with an interaction between Jane and Sheeler in which he is marveling at (and handling) a Miu Miu glitter bootie:

“Hello! I’m trying to shoot those. Can you put them down?” she snaps at me. Jane takes a deep breath and runs her fingers through her hair—dyed a comic-book red—as I wipe my palms on my jeans.

The article goes on to explain how 20-year-old Jane is moving into her own apartment soon, and about her decision not to attend college right now:

“Why should I go to college?” Jane asked me a few months ago, as she grabbed a glass of champagne off a passing tray at a boutique party we both attended. “I’m already doing what I want.”

Then Sheeler talks about how Jane has insulated herself in Texas, and I actually found this aspect sort of charming. She doesn't want to go to New York, and has never attended a fashion show; nor does it sound like she ever will:

“I mean, why?” she says. “Every blogger wants to go to Fashion Week now. So boring.”

The Glamourai’s Kelly Framel was quoted as saying it was "savvy" to stay in Texas, keeping her "uninfluenced." Jane also doesn't watch TV, which again, is sort of charming.

But some excerpts from the article prompted a lot of internet outcry, like this one about Nordstrom Rack, in which mom and manager Judy recounted going there with her younger daughter Carol once:

“Gross!” says Judy. “Carol made me go there one time, and I wanted to punch myself”

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and this one when Sheeler complimented Jane's t-shirt:

“Really? I think it’s, like, Splen-did,” she says with a grimace, sounding out the mall brand with the horror of someone being forced to say “ointment.” She nicked the shirt from her sister’s closet; Carol, who is seventeen, is in her first year of boarding school in Wales. “I’m getting my hair dyed in a bit and, you know, what if it messes up my shirt?”

The full article is fascinating and definitely worth a read. After NY Mag reported about the feature yesterday with some quotes from the article (and some less than flattering commentary), Jane took to Twitter to express her anger:

Fact checking is non-existant and people will make up the craziest things for a story. It's nice to have words put in my mouth!

I would like to say that there isn't one true quote, fact, or figure in @NYmag's article. What a laugh. Cheers, hope it gets lots of clicks.

The original Texas Monthly article definitely doesn't always portray her in the most flattering light, prompting some commenters online to label her a "mean girl" and "bratty. She's just taken to her blog to post a rebuttal, which we've copied in its entirety:

Hi folks, I'd like to address two articles that have printed some very wrong information about me recently. Texas Monthly did a story on me that was for the most part extremely flattering, but grossly exaggerated and highly stylized. NY Mag did a snarky and out-of-context synopsis of it yesterday, and I'd like to correct some of the misinformation out there. I cannot believe the figures they threw out. Not one of them is even a little bit close to true. I sure wish some of them were!

I get it. It's hard to get a story published and you have to dredge the bottom of the barrel to get a story...a picture that is not indicative of my life in any way was painted. It is laughable. That is fine. I know who I am and everything described in the article is just not my world. Anyone who knows me knows that is not me. Normally I wouldn't acknowledge something so silly, but this is all so bogus that I'd like to just call it for what it is.

There is a blatantly made up quote where I dismiss the notion of college. I'm fortunate to have created a job where I'm always on the learning curve and for the moment I'm glad to not be racking up college debt. It's not that I don't value education--college could very well be in my future.

Everything in Miss Cowle's article was all fine by me until she dragged my beautiful and sweet baby sister into this mess. {Ed note: NY Mag said this about sister Carol: "In fact, both Jane and Judy share a disdain for poor Carol's lack of snobbery: "We pass by the discounter Nordstrom Rack ('Gross!' says Judy. 'Carol made me go there one time, and I wanted to punch myself')."But then again, Carol might be better off in the long run.} It's demoralizing to have to defend my relationship with my family in a public forum, so I'm not even going to go there. That was below the belt. We love and adore her in a way words can never describe...I shouldn't even have to say that.

There's a reason I keep it short and sweet on Sea of Shoes. There is too much negativity out there. You can portray me as frivolous all day long but I'll take frivolous over nasty any day. I hope you always think of my blog as a happy place for fashion and shoe lovers and I hope you know I value all of my readers. Thank you for your thoughtful insights and support.

This experience has taught me not to believe anything I read in print--talk about the tallest tale ever told!

At the end of March she appeared on the show Daybreak with writer Jason Sheeler (see video below), and the two were very friendly, and at one point she said he was "sweet." It's obviously a tough situation, because it's got to be really difficult to see your life and livelihood get debated by strangers. On the other hand, she's in a public medium and has to expect that occasionally it's not going to be all about pretty sparkly shoes. What's your take?