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The Story Behind Britney Spears' $20,000 Sports Bra

Britney Spears tweeted photos of herself filming an ad for a game that she's promoting called Twister Dance. She looks pretty damn amazing in it--nic

Britney Spears tweeted photos of herself filming an ad for a game that she's promoting called Twister Dance. She looks pretty damn amazing in it--nice abs, Brit! Oh, and she's wearing a sports bra, which is not news, especially because we're pretty sure she basically does everything in bra tops. But this one is extra special, because it costs $20,000.

It's made by fitness brand Body Rock and it's called the Eternal Love Bra. Here's why it costs $20,000:

•It has an 18K gold zipper. •It has an 18K gold removable tassel with diamond-eyed skulls and hand-cut Swarovski crystal hearts which you can wear "long or double, triple it for a dramatic dominatrix diva look." •The front and back are encrusted with silver diamond Swarovski crystals and gold pyramid studs. •It's made out of silk.

We are never complaining about paying $50 for a sports bra again. But the practicality of such a garment is questionable--can you imagine sweating all over your gold encrusted silk top in spin class? Body Rock also offers the $1,850 Trenta Bra which features silver chains and a $600 faux fur Tzarina top. We obviously needed to speak to Body Rock's founder, LA-born Kelly Dooley, who's a buff fitness junkie with a penchant for bling. Here's what she told us about bras that look like prison wear and about finding out Britney wore her bra.

Fashionista: What's your fitness & design background? What inspired you to start the line? Kelly Dooley: Having a passion for fashion and fitness my 'light bulb' moment happened when I didn’t want a sports bra that looked like prison wear. After completing my first marathon, I started to create the beautiful array of what we like to call “Style-wear” - it is all too beautiful to be called sportswear, yet it is constructed to take you through a triathlon!

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At first look, it may seem as though all I care about is the fashion element. It's actually the other way around. Functionality comes before fashion. We just know how to make everything look beautiful and edgy because we're fashion-forward, design savvy, and in tune with what women truly want!

Did you know Britney was going to wear this bra? Yes, my PR company (Chic Little Devil Style House) was working with Britney’s stylist for some time to make this placement happen. After Britney’s first fitting with the product, I had to rush to make a second bra for her dance double.(Ed. note: What's a dance double? Is it like a butt double?) That’s when I knew that the pop princess would be wearing BodyRock. I just couldn’t wait to see the video! When she tweeted some preview images I literally almost had a heart attack!

Workout bras with jewelry and fur attached--obviously not meant for working out in. How/where do you envision women wearing them? BodyRock Sport is a luxury lifestyle brand that caters to a particular type of women--those who have a little extra pep in their step, who are confident, unique, motivated and inspiring. The luxe line is the one place where I can really unleash my inner diva and create fantasy pieces that accurately represent my undying love for luxury deeply intertwined with my passion for fitness and fashion. That is where my inner artist gets to come out and play.

How many [of these bras] have you sold? So far I have sold five ‘Eternal Love Bras’ and I am constantly getting custom orders! It is for the woman who wants to treat herself to something fabulous and appreciates luxury. The great thing about the Eternal Love Bra is the gold & diamond skull zipper pully is detachable so, if you want to just wear the shell of the bra you can or you have the option to add a ton of bling for going out after a nice workout.

Any new luxe designs coming out soon? I just created a bra covered in hot pink sequins. It looks super cute with just a white tank! No jewelry necessary.