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Top That! Our Guide to a Teen Witch Inspired Wardrobe in Honor of the Film's 23rd Anniversary

Do you know what tomorrow is? Sure, it's a Saturday. The weather forecast looks alright. But tomorrow is so, so, so much more than just another part
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Do you know what tomorrow is? Sure, it's a Saturday. The weather forecast looks alright. But tomorrow is so, so, so much more than just another partly cloudy spring day! For all of those who are clearly experiencing some sort of mental block, let us enlighten you: Tomorrow, the 28th of April 2012, marks the 23rd anniversary of the original release of the cult classic Teen Witch. It's hard to believe, right?! Who would guess that a film as seemingly undated as Teen Witch, has been bewitching audiences for more than two decades?

Naturally, to celebrate this joyous occasion, it's expected and encouraged that you'll all be spending tomorrow recreating your own interpretation of the most influential scene ever to be filmed in the history of American cinema. That's right, we're talking about "Top That--" a clip we've saved in our bookmark bar for daily fashion (and self-esteem) inspiration. And we clearly aren't the only ones: Rachel Antonoff and Teen Vogue recreated "Top That" for the designer's S/S '10 look book! And it was awesome.

Allow us to set the scene: Dorky BFFs Louise and Molly are biking along casually, talking about boys, when suddenly, they run into Molly's crush Rhett freestyling with his boys. And he is SO FUNKY. They really can't take it. But Louise recently found out she's actually a witch with magical powers! So she casts a spell on Molly, who suddenly has the courage to take off her beautiful pink bucket hat and takeover her crush's awesome rap song. She totally schools him. It's pretty much our dream scenario.

So, for those of you who've been dying to recreate the most genius cinematic scene of the century but are completely stuck on what to wear, we've put together a helpful wardrobe guide. Now go grab your biffle and some babely bros and give us your best to "Top That!"

*Fun fact: Did you know that the character of Louise is played by Blake Lively's older sister Robyn? It must be so hard for Blake, living in her big sister's perfect shadow and knowing that nothing in her career will ever be as significant or awe-inspiring as Teen Witch. Poor thing.


Before she full-on transforms into "the Most Popular Girl" (as the song goes), Louise sports a nice-girl look while she and her bestie Molly ride around with their tennis gear.

Polo, Eddie Bauer; shorts, Topshop; plimsols, Urban Outfitters; socks, American Apparel, hair comb, Goody.


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Molly's pre-"Top That" takeover look is all about that pink bucket hat. Which she totally makes work. Kinda.

Top, American Apparel; shorts, J.Crew; shoes, Urban Outfitters; hat, E4Hats; socks, American Apparel.


Rhett "isn't exactly [Louise's] type," but Molly can't get over how funky he is. Neither can we... With his dreamy Hawaiian print shirt and ripped jeans, Rhett could top this any day of the week.

Shirt, ASOS; tank, Old Navy; jeans, ASOS; sneakers, Urban Outfitters.

Other Must-Haves

Pop your iPod into this boomboxy bad boy to jam out to all your fav '80s hits. Make sure your bike has a basket for safely traveling with your tennis gear-- and most importantly, don't forget an ominous looking pendant necklace that you can rub to cast a love spell on that awesome guy you run into rhyming on the sidewalk!

Boombox dock, Urban Outfitters; tennis racquet: Wilson; necklace, Urban Outfitters; bicycle, WalMart.