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10 Beauty Boards You Should Be Following on Pinterest

While Facebook is fun and Twitter is trendy, those of us in-the-know are currently all about Pinterest. It's a great place to get beauty inspiration

While Facebook is fun and Twitter is trendy, those of us in-the-know are currently all about Pinterest. It's a great place to get beauty inspiration (and, um, waste hours and hours of your life.) If you’re lucky enough to not be addicted as of yet, here’s a cheat sheet to help get your feet wet—click through to see the 10 boards that we consider primping-pinning porn. Some are names you know and love (hi, Lauren Conrad!) and others are ladies who have a really good eye and pin their hearts out. Check them out, and be sure to tell us your fave beauty boards and pinners.

Get ready to repeatedly click "follow"!

Perfect Ponytails via Hair Romance

In addition to the 10 cool ways to reinvent your ponytail that we showed you earlier this year, be sure to check Aussie beauty blogger Christina Butcher’s pinboard for a strong dose of hairspiration. It’s jam-packed with pretty, sophisticated, slightly tweaked ponies that’ll surely set your strands apart from the rest.

Follow the board here.

Gloriously Thick Eyebrows via Tonisha DePasquale

For the fierce and fashionable, brows have been having their moment in the spotlight for several seasons running. Hopefully this board will help put them front and center for the masses too—after all, nothing frames the face better than a dark, thick pair of arches.

Follow the board here.

Bangs/Fringe via The Beauty Department

The best board of bangs comes from Lauren Conrad and crew over at The Beauty Department. Side-swept, wispy, chunky, blunt, and asymmetrical—our go-to beauty how-to site has carefully curated a pinboard devoted to face-framing fringe. Peruse to pin down your signature snip style.

Follow the board here.

Top Knot Mania via Margit Detweiler

Sloppy or sleek; elegant or eccentric; lazy or luxe—it’s easy to forget that there are so many different ways to twist your strands into a basic bun. Next time you want to pile your hair on top of your head, visit editor Margit Detweiler’s board first for a bit of visual versatility before picking the style that’s perfect for you.

Follow the board here.

Spas… Ahhhhhh via Cody Stewart

Chock full of serene snaps of truly transcendental health resorts the world over, if this board doesn’t evoke memories of those ‘Calgon, take me away!’ commercials and inspire you to book an exotic spa-cation STAT, nothing will.

Follow the board here.

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Braids, Braids, Braids! via Birchbox

You won’t find pictures of your regular, run-of-the-mill plaits here; everyone’s favorite monthly beauty delivery service has carefully curated a stellar collection of intricate bohemian braids that’ll motivate you to partake in a little over-under before you even start scrolling.

Follow the board here.

Lips via Rachel Shauchunas

If lipstick is your thing, it’s high time to pucker up your pout and peruse this board, which highlights leopard, triple-tone, and studded lips. Be forewarned—while most of these pins aren’t that wearable, they sure are a hell of a lot of fun to look at.

Follow the board here.

Nails Nails Nails via Guin Deadman-Littlefield

To say that we’re obsessed with this one would be an understatement. Now that everyone is tricking out their tips, add this board to your list of places to derive awesome DIY nail art inspiration.

Follow the board here.

Eyeshadow + Eyeliner = Love via Tasha Koku

We used to think vibrant eyeshadow was best left to the catwalk before we started following this virtually undiscovered gem. Now, we’re beyond excited to take a few of the colorful looks pinned here for a stroll on the sidewalk. Care to join forces?

Follow the board here.

Ombre Hair via Lindsay Kotay

If you’re tempted to try two-tone tresses, we’re willing to bet this set of pins will motivate you to dip-dye your tips for an on-trend look that’s one-part high-impact, two-parts low-effort.

Follow the board here.