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Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino on Her New Urban Outfitters Line and '90s Style Influences

Best Coast, aka Bethany Cosentino's incredibly catchy, '60s girl group-esque, dreamy pop song-filled, essentially perfect debut album Crazy For You w
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Best Coast, aka Bethany Cosentino's incredibly catchy, '60s girl group-esque, dreamy pop song-filled, essentially perfect debut album Crazy For You was all I (and a lot of people) listened to during the summer of 2010 (and songs from her forthcoming album The Only Place, which you can stream on NPR right now, are already stuck in my head). And like so many lady musicians before her, Cosentino has, in addition to a beautiful voice and simplistic-yet-heartbreaking songwriting abilities, awesome personal style. And now you can crib her style since she has her own (very cute) vintage-inspired clothing line for Urban Outfitters (shop it here).

It's not her first run-in with the fashion world. Urban Outfitters was first to stream her first album and, on a more high fashion level, she performed at Helmut Lang last Fashion's Night Out and sat front row at the label's runway show. Also: she's probably tired of people pointing this out, but she happens to love cats (see: this video). So...we're kind of obsessed with her and were so excited when we got the opportunity to ask her about all of these things. Read on to see Cosentino's full Urban Outfitters collection and learn about how that came to fruition, her '90s fashion influences like Jennifer Aniston in early seasons of Friends, and "baby Jesus," the clothing line she started when she was 16.

Fashionista: How did the collaboration come about? What made you want to do it? Bethany: Urban outfitters approached me about the idea of doing a capsule collection with them for spring and I was absolutely elated. I love clothing and shopping and everything about fashion- so it just seemed like a perfect match for me to do this line.

Had you ever thought about designing clothes before? Have you always been interested in fashion? Yeah I studied fashion for a brief period of time in college. I wanted to be a stylist. When I was like 16 I had a clothing line called "Baby Jesus" where I used to sew felt onto vintage slips and sell them on eBay. I was always really creative when it came to clothes, my mom let me dress myself when I was a kid so you can imagine what that looked like, haha.

What was your inspiration when designing the line? Stevie Nicks, 90s pop culture movies like Clueless and The Craft. I was also inspired by the girls I see at Best Coast shows. Some of them have the coolest style- and I wanted to create clothes that I could see them wearing. Part of going to shows for me when I was a teenager was about what I wore and I put so much time and effort into getting dressed. I thought about young girls doing that and wearing these clothes and it inspired me.

What about clothes for cats? Oh don't even get me started. Animals in clothing is my favorite thing.

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Do you feel like there's an "indie girl musician style" that you have to adhere to? Or that there's pressure to present a certain image on stage? Not at all. I'm confident and I think it shows in how I dress and carry myself. That's my biggest advice to anyone who is searching for their own personal style--wear what makes you feel confident. Confidence is key!

Who are you influenced by style-wise? Stevie Nicks is my hugest influence--I basically just want to look exactly like her. I'm also inspired by the 90s. Jennifer Aniston from early seasons of Friends has a really good look. Annie Hall too--that masculine look juxtaposed with the feminine. I like to wear high waisted trousers with high collared blouses and stuff but then pair it with a great pair of heels or a nice hat. My mom in the 80s looked amazing, too--she looked like Stevie Nicks and had the best hair.

Where do you like to shop? What are some of your favorite brands? I shop online most of the time. I really like and Nasty Gal for cute dresses and shorts. Most of my shoes are by Rachel Comey--she is my favorite shoe designer. I love this label Dusen Dusen based out of New York. She makes really awesome printed stuff and she's a super sweetheart. My favorite thing honestly to wear is a long black dress or high waisted shorts with a crop top. I'm a simple girl.

Would you consider yourself a musician-slash-designer now or was this just a fun one time thing? I think it was a fun one time deal but I'd love to do it again with Urban, or other fun brands I like. I think doing a line with Opening Ceremony would be the coolest thing ever.

Do you have any other fashion-related projects coming up that you can tell us about? Nothing yet but fingers crossed I get to do more!