Victoria's Secret just released their seventh annual "What Is Sexy?" list naming its choices for sexiest celebs of the year, which include Beyoncé as "Sexiest Mom" and Elizabeth Olsen as "Sexiest Up and Coming Knockout." (The full list is below.) We got the chance to ask Angel Doutzen Kroes--who is sexiness personified--what she personally thinks is sexy. Click through to find out her favorite songs to dance to, her workout routine and more, plus a behind-the-scenes peek of Doutzen and some fellow Angels shooting a commercial for the new Victoria's Secret Knockout bra.

Fashionista: What is sexy to you that most people wouldn't necessarily think is sexy? Doutzen Kroes: I think when someone works hard and has passion and ambition that is sexy. When they love what they do.

You've proven yourself to be a very sexy dancer (in those videos for LOVE!) What are your favorite songs to dance sexy to? I love to dance to Beyoncé and house music.

What Victoria's Secret gear do you feel sexiest in? Sexy red bra and panties. It gives you a boost of confidence when you know you have something sexy on underneath your clothes. I know you've heard it a million times, but seriously what do you do (aside from amazing genetics) to get your body to look like that!? Box, jump rope and eat healthy.

What is, for you, the sexiest food? Bananas.

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Song? Marvin Gaye, "Sexual Healing"

Item of clothing? Lingerie.

Place? Cabana on the beach.

Here's the full 2012 Victoria's Secret "What Is Sexy"? list:

Sexiest Actress – Charlize Theron Sexiest Legs – Stacy Keibler Sexiest Bikini Body – Annalynne McCord [Ed.note: Yes. We've never seen her in clothes.] Sexiest Summer Style – Blake Lively Sexiest Summer Hair – Ashley Benson Sexiest Smile – Jessica Chastain Sexiest Eyes – Jennifer Lawrence Sexiest Lips – Amanda Seyfried Sexiest Curves – Amber Heard Sexiest Sense of Humor – Emma Stone Sexiest TV Cast – Pretty Little Liars Sexiest Mom – Beyoncé Knowles Sexiest Songstress - Britney Spears Sexiest International Import – Diane Kruger Sexiest Summer Glow- Olivia Wilde Sexiest Cyber Star- Elin Kling Sexiest Tweeter- Kristen Bell Sexiest Up and Coming Knockout- Elizabeth Olsen