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Mad Men Style Recap, Episode 10: Joan Wears Florals and Megan Gets Mad

Last night's episode of Mad Men brought some of the forgotten plotlines to the forefront, finally. Joan's divorce became a reality and the prospect o
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Last night's episode of Mad Men brought some of the forgotten plotlines to the forefront, finally. Joan's divorce became a reality and the prospect of her and Roger having a life together was addressed. Lane, who might be the most depressing character on the whole show, only dug himself deeper into a hole, and Don and Megan had their usual bickering session. In business news, Pete gets SCDP back in the running for Jaguar (that gum-in-pubis friend of Lane's gets fired, after all), which boosts morale around the offices in time for Christmas.

The episode didn't warrant many costume changes, but the outfits on display were good – from Joan's floral dresses to seeing Paul Kinsey in a stained Hare Krishna costume, there were eyefuls of every kind on Mad Men last night.

Let's recap!

Don and Megan Don and Megan attend a play called "America Hurrah" where an actor goes on a rant against TV ads. What a coincidence that Megan takes Don to see that play... Anyway, Megan wears a red futuristic-meets-mod dress and some rhinestone dangling earrings while Don wears a simple black suit. When Don refuses to take Megan out to dinner with her friends in the play he argues that he wouldn't want to be around people who mock his work, and then moments later he says to Megan, "No one's made a stronger stand against advertising than you." It takes Don about one drink to become resentful and bitter to his new wife.

Peggy Peggy makes a brief appearance in this episode to remind everyone what dowdy dressing looks like. Green plaid? Really?

Joan and Don Joan and Don finally pair up for a heart-to-heart, after Don sees Joan flip out and throw a model airplane at the secretary who hands her divorce papers from Greg. They play couple for a Jaguar salesman, where Don pays $6,000 (more than the price of the car) to drive the car to a bar with Joan to get drunk. It makes sense that Don and Joan relate to each other because their stars have dimmed and they are both feeling under-appreciated by the people they love and by the staff at SCDP.

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For their fake romance Joan wears a blue floral print dress she's worn before and Don wears a black suit with a jazzy diagonally striped gold and black tie.

Joan I included this picture just as evidence that if Joan wants to get back on the market, she needs a new hairstyle. That up-do is mumsy!

Roger Then again, this is what the market looks like for Joan. Roger is binge drinking to commemorate the bombing of Pearl Harbor in a "Fiji" printed shirt. Roger is definitely a bumbling idiot at times, but my heart felt for him a little when Joan rebuffs his attempts to support Kevin. To be fair, he is Roger's baby as much as he is Joan's, and there's still a part of me that wants it to work out for these two.

Lane Lane has clearly watched too many James Bond movies because he thinks he can get away with paying his back taxes in the UK by extending SCDP's credit and forging a $7,000 check from Don. Among Lane's ethical mistakes is also the crucial mistake of dressing like Sherlock Holmes. We all know Lane favors a vest, but his black vest and plaid scarves and ties throughout the episode only make his conniving streak a bit more sad. It's like watching your Grandpa embezzle money.

Harry Harry is another dude who favors a plaid, and although he tells a lot of lies this episode, he ultimately helps out Paul Kinsey who reappears for a short story arc as a Hare Krishna in love with Lakshmi née Janet. Harry appears at the Hare Krishna gathering in a long plaid jacket that is very Prada Mens SS12. He wears many a plaid blazer in this episode, which I forgive him for because he ultimately gets Paul to move to LA to pursue a dream. Of course, something tells me that won't go according to plan.

Lakshmi Lakshmi here is the OG cat lady. Young, crazy, and draped in a shawl, Lakshmi seduces Harry. Not a surprise when Paul describes her as a drug addict-cum-prostitute.

Megan Megan freaks out when Don arrives home after his "date" with Joan drunk and late for dinner. Megan wears a sweater and printed pants, a favorite of angry Betty as well. The scary thing is that Megan's outfit matches the colors of their house perfectly, as though she is just becoming a piece of furniture in Don's mod 1960s vision. I expect they will be separated by the season's end.