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Mad Men Style Recap, Episode 11: Joan's Icky Emerald Necklace, Peggy's Farewell Frock

Holy crap. Last night's episode of Mad Men was easily the best of the season so far. There are going to be tons of spoilers in this recap, so you'v
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Holy crap. Last night's episode of Mad Men was easily the best of the season so far.

There are going to be tons of spoilers in this recap, so you've been warned. Click through to read our thoughts on all the stylish and morally depraved moments from Sunday's episode.

Megan As per usual, Don mines Megan for pitch ideas for Jaguar, but she doesn't take to the concept of selling the car as equivalent to a mistress. (No duh.) Megan instead goes back memorizing her lines for an audition in a frothy green nightie. By the time Megan gets to the audition, however, they just ask her to turn around.

Julia Megan's acting buddy Julia has different ideas about how to sell Jaguar, namely painting herself like a jaguar and crawling around. She wears a printed pink dress, black undies, and neon-flesh stay-up tights.

Joan Herb Rennet, a VIP at Jaguar, has another, more disgusting vision on how to land the account – with Joan. He asks for a night with Joan in return for his vote for SCDP. Of course, Pete pitches this idea to Joan and she is mortified, probably both at Pete and the idea. At least she looks lovely in a royal blue floral dress, perfect makeup, and signature pen necklace.

Pete, Lane, Roger, Don, and Bert The partners meet to discuss the possibility of selling Joan for a shot at Jaguar. Pete is confident sans-blazer that a deal can be worked out, while everyone else has moral hangups. Don objects instantly and walks out, also sans-blazer. Lane, Roger, and Bert are all buttoned-up in their three piece suits and don't offer much opinion on the matter. We're especially disappointed at Roger for obvious reasons, and at Lane because he lures Joan with the promise of a partnership of 5% of the business, which she takes, making her no longer financially dependent on Roger or Greg.

Joan Joan wears a brown dress with back detail to alert Pete that she is up to take the offer. The hanging scarf only makes her exit more dramatic.

Joan and Herb It was hard to watch this scene play out, especially after it's revealed that Don heads to Joan's apartment to stop her from going through with it after the fact. Joan wears a simple black dress and black hanging earrings – no jewelry until Herb gives her an emerald necklace which she removes the instant she gets home.

Herb wears a Hugh Hefner robe, channeling a man who is clearly his idol.

Don During the Jaguar pitch, Don wears a black suit and an electric blue striped tie that looks like a racing stripe – clearly he's appealing to his customer. Ginsberg's pitch, "At last. Something beautiful you can own," hits a note with the committee, but also reflects exactly how Don (and most men on Mad Men) feels about his wife. He loves Megan because she's unpredictable but can't maintain a real relationship because he has false expectations. Clearly, he should've just gotten the Jaguar.

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Joan Jaguar confirms the account and Joan celebrates in an emerald green dress – the same shade as the jewel in the necklace Herb gave her. Fitting and creepy.

Peggy There was not only a crazy Joan/Jaguar plotline, but also a crazy Peggy plotline! As Jaguar, Ginsberg's client, takes the forefront, Peggy's importance diminishes and when she is called on to pick up Ginsberg's slack and succeeds triumphantly, she still doesn't receive any praise. Tension!

This still is of Peggy and Ken (in matching cutesy outfits) on the phone with Chevalier Blanc. I've always believed that Peggy's wardrobe is far too cutesy for her to be taken seriously as an equal to a bunch of guys in suits.

Peggy Peggy takes a meeting with Ted Chaough, Draper's chief rival, to discuss a job. He gives her that and a raise instantly. Through this point in the episode Peggy had worn only yellow, orange, and blue. It's clear that she's put on her best "Joan" look for this meeting, right down to the double-breasted dress and back hanging scarf. The episode plays to the differences between Peggy and Joan, one valued for looks and the other for her smarts, but both, really, still having trouble keeping their heads above water. I'll really miss Peggy storming into Joan's office for a complaint and a smoke.

Don and Peggy Don will miss Peggy too, clearly. Their goodbye scene plays out stiffly, especially because Don thinks Peggy will cave after he offers her more money. Don always felt like by helping Peggy succeed he was affording someone the opportunity never given to him, but he got-off on keeping her subservient. We'll see what happens when CGC (Peggy's new employers) goes head-to-head with SCDP on an account. Peggy looks mature throughout the scene and during her departure wearing an eggplant-hued dress.

Peggy You go girl!

Joan's Mother Joan's mother appears twice this episode to remind everyone where the sweaters they find at Goodwill came from.

Trudy Trudy makes a sole appearance in a robe/caftan in a purple, gold, and pink print. Unfortunately Trudy's perfect sartorial choice is ruined by Pete's asking if he can keep an apartment in the city. He is despicable inside and out.