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Mad Men Style Recap, Episode 8: Crazy Prints and Cool Whip

Shit kinda hit the fan in Episode 8. All the plot lines set into motion in earlier episodes finally played out. Pete cheated on Trudy with his neigh
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Shit kinda hit the fan in Episode 8. All the plot lines set into motion in earlier episodes finally played out. Pete cheated on Trudy with his neighbor Rory Gilmore Alexis Bledel Beth, and Megan finally quits SCDP to pursue her career as an actress. The style this episode was all over the place, with Beth channeling "skinny Betty" and Megan wearing a surprising number of prints. Peggy, too, had a moment to shine, although that moment was less of a fashion "moment" and more of a finally-letting-Don-have-it moment.

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Chevalier Blanc Clients You didn't need to have finely honed gaydar in the 1960s.

Stan, Ginsberg, and Don Young people in color, Don in black. Don's lack of "hipness" really shows this episode when he is unable to even suggest a band to play with the Chevalier Blanc commercial. He says Megan will know, but of course when Megan gives Don The Beatles' Revolver as a present at the episode's end, he stops listening midway through Tomorrow Never Knows. That's some foreshadowing.

Megan Megan's first outfit of the episode was a houndstooth dress that is a bit more mumsy than anything she had ever worn before. For the first time it seemed like the clothes were wearing Megan, instead of the other way around.

Megan When Megan changes for her audition she drops the frumpy act, and adds a sparkling gold minidress. That's more like the Megan we expect. Even though she doesn't get the part, the opportunity affects her enough that she decides to leave SCDP.

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Megan Au revoir Megan in a green patent jacket and multi-colored print dress.

Beth and Pete Oh Pete. After a strange and foreboding conversation with Howard on the train regarding life insurance policies and Howard's mistress, Pete decided to put the moves on Howard's wife. Pete wears a brown overcoat, and Beth wears a yellow blouse and a light brown tweed skirt. Her dated hairstyle and the headscarf she wears when she encounters Pete at the train station, reminded me of Betty's driving headscarf from seasons past.

Beth In the suburbs, everyone is a Betty it seems. Beth is pissed at Pete when he stops over for a "life insurance consultancy" with Howard and attempts to convince Beth to meet him at the Pennsylvania Hotel for a rendez-vous. She wears a black plaid dress, and apron, the relics of suburbia. Of course, she never does meet him for that tryst.

Don, Peggy, and Ken In the Cool Whip test kitchen, something so blatantly conceived in the 1960s, Don, Peggy, and Ken sample the latest Cool Whip products. When Peggy fails to meet Don's expectations as a stand-in for Megan, tempers rise. Peggy's covered-up dress is one of her more adult-looking outfits, while Don and Ken are wearing their staid black and gray suits and diagonal stripe ties. I'm glad to see Peggy sticking up for herself, finally, especially when she was the only character to really support or push Megan to grow as a copyrighter. I think the next episode is going to be very, very interesting.