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Mad Men Style Recap, Episode 9: Fat Betty Gets Revenge

Betty Francis returned to Mad Men last night to wreak havoc on the lives of Don and Megan, by sabotaging Sally's family tree project. Sally, too, had
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Betty Francis returned to Mad Men last night to wreak havoc on the lives of Don and Megan, by sabotaging Sally's family tree project. Sally, too, had some intense moments last night, particularly with Megan. By the end of the episode, what we learned is that no one is really on Team Betty, perhaps even Betty herself.

Outside of the Draper-Francis family drama, Roger created some of his own drama with his soon-to-be ex-wife Jane and in the office with Peggy and Ginsberg. Ginsberg was having his own issues with Don, as they butted heads over the Sno Ball account.

Drama was afoot, and the fashion was exciting, and Thanksgiving-ready. Click through to see what the Mad Men characters wore last night.

Don and Ginsberg This opening shot of Don and Ginsberg in the elevator highlights their similarities...and differences. They wear a similar silhouette: shirt, scarf/cardigan, and jacket, but Don's is much more reserved and tidy and Ginsberg's is all over the place. And plaid.


Megan dresses quite fuddy-duddy for such a babe. Her acting gear consists of a maroonn sweater and cropped trousers.

Sally and Betty

Sally wore a lot of pastel hues this episode to counter her slightly devious personality, while Betty donned a neutral cable sweater in this scene. We fully support the fiesty, teen Sally Draper, and even though Betty is kind of a bitch, we're glad to see her back on screen.

Betty In signature Betty fashion, Betty sneaks into Don's apartment to pick up her children and catches a glimpse of Megan getting dressed. She's dressed like the archetypal mother, in beige tones, pearls, and a neck scarf.

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Megan and Betty In contrast to Betty's motherly attire, Megan is barefoot in capri pants and a printed shirt/vest combo. She looks like a Quentin Tarantino heroine, and throughout the episode Megan handles herself with aplomb. Megan's honesty with Sally directly contrasts Betty's lying and deceitful attitude. I'm sure the battle of the wives will play out more fully before the season is over.

Henry and Betty After Betty's "trying expereince" Henry treats her to some steak. Betty looks like the picture of sadness in a white ruffled nightie, while Henry wears blue pajamas that could be sold at J.Crew today for a ridiculous price.

Joan Joan makes a single appearance in this episode, to review pitches with Don in his office. She wears a purple double-breasted dress. Please let the next episode resolve Joan's plot-line with her now ex-husband Greg.

Peggy Finally, Peggy wears something fitting for an adult. In an aubergine long-sleeved dress, Peggy copes with the reality of her worsening office situation – Roger choosing Ginsberg to feed him Manischewitz ideas. Ginsberg's Sno Ball idea is also far better than Peggy's... He will definitely present a challenge to her success in the future, and we have yet to see how she will fully react to this.

Jane Jane accompanies Roger to dinner as a favor for her new apartment. She wears another one of her crazy outfits, this time a teal blue bejeweled number. Of course, Jane and Roger have sex in her new apartment, tainting it for her forever.

Betty Come Thanksgiving, Betty has reserved herself one spoonful of stuffing that she thoroughly enjoys in a red dress that matches her red lipstick. Betty is so old school she matches her lipstick to her dress. That's some Paz de la Huerta action...

Megan In contrast to Betty, Megan wears mismatched separates to cook Thanksgiving dinner; honestly, I'm surprised she can cook at all. Megan can be so modern and contradictory, sometimes you forget that she is Mrs. Don Draper.