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Chrissy Teigen Tells Us Her Secrets For Getting Her Bikini Line Sports Illustrated-Ready

Chrissy Teigen (who is about to be Mrs. John Legend) is well-versed in the voodoo involved in making yourself look perfect in a bikini. She's been a

Chrissy Teigen (who is about to be Mrs. John Legend) is well-versed in the voodoo involved in making yourself look perfect in a bikini. She's been appearing in Sports Illustrated swimsuits issues since 2010 so being half-naked is sort of a specialty of hers. She also isn't shy about taboo topics or saying what she thinks (just follow her on Twitter if you don't believe us--she is hilariously unfiltered.)

We got to chat with the model and also dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine (who are both currently working for Venus Olay razors) about topics like shaving vs. waxing and how hairy Chrissy is. Swimsuits can be completely soul-sucking garments--and while we can't really help you with your abs, we can teach you how to make your skin smooth and hair-free. So read on for some tips on how to look like a SI swimsuit model (sorta) this summer.

How models get rid of their hairiness: Bikini waxing gets all the glory these days, but due to the last-minute nature of their jobs, Chrissy told us that a lot of models--herself included--shave instead of waxing. "It honestly doesn’t take for me. Some people just have stubborn hair and I don’t have the kind of time it takes to grow it out basically," she told us. "Sometimes I go to a casting and they tell you you need to be 'bikini ready' and I didn’t realize, so I always bring a razor to a shoot with me."

Now granted, magazines aren't calling us up at the last minute to strut around in a bikini, but in the summer we sort of have the same issue. If you head to the beach every weekend--or even just loll around on a blanket at your local park--your bikini wax is going to grow out, and everyone knows you can't wax until you have a bit of growth. Which...eww. Shaving touch-ups are a necessity in the summer, unless you opt for a lovely and modest swim skirt. Or embrace your bush. Totally up to you.

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Shaving myths: One of the most controversial arguments in the wax vs. shave debate is that shaving makes your hair grow back more quickly and thicker. And guess what? It's true, according to Dr. Levine. "That is true that after you shave the hair does grow back thicker," she told us. "It’s [also] true if you shave and then wax, waxing is going to hurt more because the hairs are thicker and you get two hairs growing out of one follicle sometimes. So I do like sticking to one method." The lesson? Plan your waxing sessions accordingly if you don't like to shave.

Get the most out of your shave:Moisturizing is the best thing you can do after you shave to prevent those annoying little red bumps, according to Dr.Levine. Venus recommends changing blades every five to 10 uses. The rule of thumb is: If you have to start pressing hard, it's time for a fresh blade.

So exactly how hairy is Chrissy Teigen on a scale from 1-10? "I don’t have hair everywhere, but where I do they’re ANGRY. They’re thick and coarse. It’s funny because above my knee on the thigh I don’t have hair at all and then below it, it goes every which way," she said. "I’d say 8-ish although that sounds really hairy."

So don't feel bad. Even swimsuit models aren't perfect.