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Mad Men Style Recap, Episode 13: Dressing for the End of a Fairy Tale

Mad Men wrapped up its fifth season last night with an episode filled with subtle references to what may come in season six, as well as a lot of symb
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Mad Men wrapped up its fifth season last night with an episode filled with subtle references to what may come in season six, as well as a lot of symbolic looks, including Megan as a princess. From Peggy's new mature power lady look to Beth's fragile frocks, the last episode of the season offered us tons of fashion to mull over.

Click through to see the craziness (spoiler alert!) and the clothes from the season finale.

Beth and Howard Pete runs into Beth and Howard on the train to Manhattan. It was awkward but still better than when he ends up beating up Howard on the train ride home. Beth is wearing her best Jackie O costume, complete with pillbox hat, and Howard wears a drab tweed overcoat. From the looks of them, it's almost unfathomable that they are married--Beth is so petite, naïve and cute, and Howard is a sloppy brute of a man.

Joan and Harry Harry jumps in the elevator while Joan is scheming to check out the 38th floor in the Time Life building, thinking of an SCDP expansion. She wears a rich fuschia coat, leather gloves, and a printed scarf--a pretty conspicuous outfit for someone trying to go incognito. Harry is no stranger to standing out, though. His assortment of plaids is just plain crazy.

Don Don's toothache is his main issue this episode, and of course it just reflects all the life problems he's been shoving under the rug this entire season. In this scene he wears a grey overcoat, plaid scarf, and blue striped tie, looking far less pristine than usual.

Ginsberg, Stan, Don, Topaz Clients The clients from Topaz are not swayed by the impressive rainbow formed by Ginsberg, Stan, Don, and their own Technicolor suits.

Peggy Peggy is channeling her inner power woman in a red suit in her office at CDC. Do you think she went out and bought a new suit, or she always had that but was more into the schoolmarm look at SCDP?

Ted Chaough Tone-on-tone turtleneck under blazer is the international sign for creepy.

Joan Joan is back in her blue floral dress to present Lane's life insurance check to Don. It's a sad note since Joan is filled with remorse for Lane; she's literally quite blue.

Rebecca and Don Don brings the check to Rebecca Pryce, who is less than pleased to see Don. She's composed, in a beige and black prim dress, the lack of color matching her emotional restraint. Sure, she snaps at Don for corrupting Lane, but her level of rage is nothing compared what you would expect from a recent widow.

Pete and Beth Underneath Beth's beige Jackie O. coat was a peachy collared dress. It's girlish and young, just like Beth herself. The fact that she willingly undergoes electroshock therapy is astounding and unsettling. Her depression and naivete mimics Betty's in earlier seasons, though the treatment of Beth's issues is much worse.

Megan and Emily Megan and Emily troll the papers for casting news in cute separates. Megan wears a headscarf and buckled shoes to lounge around her apartment, and Emily wears a vertically striped top and little boots. Megan is slightly appalled that Emily asks her for the part in the Butler shoe commercial, but isn't above taking it for herself.

Trudy In my dream world there's a Mad Men spinoff on HGTV where Trudy remodels people's homes to be more permanent and family-oriented.

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On Mad Men Trudy tries to do just that by adding a pool in the backyard. She pitches the idea to Pete in an emerald New Look silhouette dress. The idea is not received well.

Beth and Pete Pete's on an emotional bender and goes to visit Beth in the hospital following her electroshock treatment. She doesn't remember him, so he pretends he's in the wrong hospital room. She wears a frothy nightie that only makes her look younger and more innocent, with her feet tucked into an knit blanket in muddy tones.

Roger and Marie One can only anticipate the chaos that will ensue when Don learns that Roger has been sleeping with Megan's mother. Until then, we will appreciate their affair and their classic attire--Roger in his three piece suit and Marie in a tight black dress and elegant jewelry. They're a pretty well-dressed duo.

Megan and Don Megan drinks her problems away in a floral nightie that looks like something she stole from Sally's closet, topped off with a pink floral robe. The colors are over-the-top, just like her emotions. Don has none of it, and tucks her into bed like a little girl.

Trudy and Pete This was a real downer moment for all the Trudy fans out there. Her outfit is amazing--a pastel blue frilly night gown--but when she concedes to Pete having his own apartment in the city, you know for sure that their relationship is doomed.

Megan Megan wears her black dress with cut-outs around the neckline for her reel. She looks statuesque on film, and the black dress was definitely a better choice than her nude toned audition dress from episodes past.

Don and Peggy Don heads to the movies and runs into Peggy. They match the decor of the theatre--and each other--in red and brown. Let's face it: Don and Peggy are secretly best friends.

Partners Window Joan wins out and purchases the 38th floor office for SCDP. It's a new beginning for all--Joan's even wearing a new dress. This one is bright red, matching the red spray paint she marks the floor with, and it has a scarf print around the neck. The scarf seems to be associated with money for Joan; she wears a similar dress with a scarf detail in back when she accepts the Jaguar offer.

Roger Roger has decided clothing is unnecessary. We do not complain.

Megan She looks like Snow White, but...

Don ...Don's not buying it. If there was ever a sign that Don is giving up his fairytale dreams and hitting the pavement, this is it.

Girl at the Bar A little Jane, a little Betty-in-Italy, this look is over-the-top. The color white is defnitely a reference to marriage, as in Don's crumbling one, and the girl even bears a resemblance to Megan.

The AMC website calls the look Don gives her friend at the bar--the last shot of the season--"a blank stare," but something tells me Don has something more on his mind.