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New Column Alert! Summer Fridays: On Vacation with DKNY PR Girl, Aliza Licht

It's summer and that means on Fridays everyone should be sneaking out of work a little bit early to go on a weekend jaunt or grab a drink on a sunny
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It's summer and that means on Fridays everyone should be sneaking out of work a little bit early to go on a weekend jaunt or grab a drink on a sunny rooftop. The fashion industry, which works really hard, also knows how to cut loose and play hard. In our new weekly column, called Summer Fridays, we catch up with industry insiders to find out what they do, where they go, and what they bring with them when they escape the daily grind. For our first column we chatted with Aliza Licht, aka DKNY PR girl. Aliza Licht's a star when it comes to social media and building a major fashion brand’s Twitter following. Donna Karan's handle, @DKNY, which is controlled by Licht's own thumbs, now has over 400K followers, having grown an impressive 100K in just four months. An anonymous face until September of last year when she “outed” herself on YouTube, Licht has since become a sort of PR guru. Her quirky, humorous and informative tweets include her #PR101 tips, fashion week etiquette and live tweeting Revenge and Gossip Girl. Her tweets are so witty that the perfectly-coiffed SVP of global communications for Donna Karan International has won numerous accolades, including the Fashion 2.0 Awards for Best Twitter and Best Blog by a Fashion Brand.

When not tweeting (okay, we kid--she never stops tweeting) and on vacation, the mother of two is off to locations like Paris and San Francisco and St. Maarten with her husband and kids. Find out her packing essentials, her vacation horror story, and the thing she never leaves home without.

Fashionista: What's the craziest you've ever done on vacation? Aliza Licht: It’s not what I’ve done on vacation that is so crazy, it’s more that I will decide to go on vacation pretty much the day of. Case in point, my recent trip to Paris that was booked less than 24 hours in advance. Moral of the story- never let that dry cleaning pile up because you never know when you might need those clothes! What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you on vacation? Forgetting my blow-dryer in New York, you know the ones the hotels give you are child’s play. Who is the person you travel with the most? My husband. He’s like a one-man concierge service…I’m thankful that I just have to show up.

What's the one place you'd never go back to? San Francisco, at least for 'vacation.' I had no idea how steep those hills are and if I can’t wear heels, well... What's the one thing you wish you had done while you were there? Use the gym clothes I packed...

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What's one thing you've fallen in love with on vacation? The mattresses at the Four Seasons. I guess I’m not the only one who feels that way though, because I’m pretty sure they actually sell them. What's your song of the summer? "Call Me Maybe," like the rest of my teenage peers. If you could go back to one vacation spot, what would you do differently? In St. Maartens once I fell asleep in the sun with my hand on my face. I would definitely aim for two hands next time, just for symmetry. My 5-7 packing essentials:

• The DKNY Cozy (linen version)- it’s my blanket on the plane, a wrap for cool nights and it can triple as a sarong at the pool. Not to mention after all that I would still have 9 other ways to wear it. • My makeup bag: If I left this at home, I would actually go home. • My hairbrushes & curling iron: I have at least three that I pack and they are not replaceable. • Self-tanner: I don’t sun my skin, so I fake it to fit in. • A different shoe & bag for every night outfit: If I can’t get dressed up on vacation, I don’t want to go. • Nexxus Exxtra gel: Nothing beats it to slick back into a bun on those ultra humid nights when wearing your hair down might scare the natives. • My iPad, BlackBerry & iPhone: I don’t believe in “checking out,” I believe in checking in, so I can be out.