Project Runway has begun filming its 10th season in New York and it sounds like the contestants are under a lot of pressure. According to Page Six, two contestants have already left the show--and not because Heidi Klum auf'ed them.

Apparently, one contestant--a male designer--had a meltdown that was serious enough to warrant bringing in a psychologist. The "episode" allegedy took place at Parsons during filming and after the psychologist talked to the contestant, it was decided that he should leave. The very same day, a female contestant just packed her bags and ran off in the middle of the night after being placed in the bottom group following a challenge. Page Six's source said she had become "paranoid" and that when producers went to her home, she refused to talk to them.

In our opinion, however, the best part of the story is that after the aforementioned incidents, Michael Kors had to be brought in to calm down the remaining contestants and give them a pep talk. Aww.

Seriously though, what are they doing to these designers? Did they have to make a wedding gown out of napkins while riding the subway during rush hour without air conditioning? Create an outfit while underwater without coming up for air? Did they just realize that Project Runway winners rarely amount to much?

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I'll admit I missed a few seasons after the show moved from Bravo to Lifetime, but aren't people saying it's just a produced game show? Perhaps they're turning things up a notch this season to prove that it should be taken more seriously? One thing's for sure: I'll definitely be tuning in.