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First Look: Brooks Brothers' Costumes for The Great Gatsby (Plus Our Guesses On Who Designed the Women's Costumes)

As we're all now more than well aware, thanks to this amazing trailer, Baz Luhrmann's upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby will be full of specta
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As we're all now more than well aware, thanks to this amazing trailer, Baz Luhrmann's upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby will be full of spectacular costumes. And while those worn by Daisy and the rest of the film's glamorous ladies may be little flashier and more exciting, the menswear is equally as important. What would Jay Gatsby be without his perfectly tailored suits? Thus, the film's leading men have been outfitted to dapper and historically accurate perfection by Brooks Brothers.

According to WWD, the "official men’s clothier to the film" worked closely with Catherine Martin (Luhrmann's wife and the costume designer on all of his films) and the production team to create over 500 outfits for day and night comprising around 1,700 pieces. So, that couldn't have been cheap.

The collaboration makes sense--Brooks Brothers was actually around in the time period during which Gatsby takes place and, as Martin tells WWD, "is mentioned several times in Fitzgerald’s writings as a representation of the ultimate gentleman’s purveyor of fine clothing to the American man of distinction.” Thus, they had to look no further than their own archives for inspiration. The film also worked with famed Brooklyn Tailor Martin Greenfield, who also works with designers like Rag & Bone and HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

This of course leaves us wondering--who designed the women's clothes? Though we already know Tiffany provided the jewelry, the womenswear designer is being kept under wraps by the studio "for now." So who is it? An obvious possibility is Miuccia Prada--Luhrmann just worked with her directing the short films used in her Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations exhibit at the Met. He was also a creative consultant on the exhibit. According to WSJ, Luhrmann did it as "a gesture of genuine friendship." The opening gala was even co-chaired by a Prada-clad Carey Mulligan, Luhrmann's Daisy Buchanan. Additionally, Prada was involved in the design of Leonardo DiCaprio’s suit in Romeo + Juliet. And, one other thing: according to Pedestrian TV, Prada did "allegedy contribute select costumes" for Gatsby that "were worn exclusively by models during shooting." We've reached out to Prada for comment on that and will report back once we hear more.

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We also think it could be Ralph Lauren. As you may recall, Lauren's spring 2012 collection was directly inspired by Gatsby. And, Ralph Lauren costumed the 1974 version of the film. It would make sense, if they wanted to stick with iconic American brands like Brooks Brothers, for the studio to go with Lauren.

What do you think? Click through to see sketches from Brooks Brothers as well as a few new stills from the film! Photos: WWD