Gross: Gun Manufacturer Launches Ill-Timed 'Louis Vuitton' Grip Handgun (Updated)

Are you a gun enthusiast with a passion for fashion (and the ability to ignore a national tragedy)? Well then, a company called Machine Guns Vegas ha

Are you a gun enthusiast with a passion for fashion (and the ability to ignore a national tragedy)? Well then, a company called Machine Guns Vegas has just the thing for you: The 'Louis Vuitton' grip handgun.

Yep, in the wake of the largest mass shooting in US history--a massacre that has politicians and activists calling for stricter gun laws--this company actually had the nerve to send out a press release touting its new gun model just three days after the senseless killings in Aurora.

"Like Marc Jacobs putting Sponge Bob Square Pants onto LV monogrammed bags, Machine Guns Vegas has created their own Louis Vuitton accessory – a monogrammed Louis Vuitton grip for a handgun – which is legal to carry in the State of Nevada," the press release states. Never mind that Marc Jacobs has never put Spongebob on one of his bags [UPDATE: So a commenter has pointed out that Jacobs did indeed carry a SpongeBob bag at the close of his spring 2008 show--that is some serious fashion knowledge Truc Minh Vo!] (he just put one in ink on his arm)--the two concepts are basically as far away from one another as possible. Never mind, too, that Machine Guns Vegas doesn't technically have the rights to create its own Louis Vuitton "accessory" because Louis Vuitton actually had nothing to do with this new gun.

But you know... details, details. MGV is just trying to help out the fashion-forward gun-toting gal who has been so rudely ignored for too long. "We have a real demand to cater to gun enthusiasts who also have a desire to look stylish, hence our foray into Louis Vuitton gun accessories" the company's Managing Partner Genghis Cohen said in the press release. Machine Guns Vegas's website does not have a listed price for the 'Louis Vuitton' gun, however a linked image of the gun lead to the site's "Femme Fatale" package--a 'deal' that lets customers (presumably women) shoot at MGV's range for $99.95, using a variety of guns, including handguns and sub machine guns.

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We called the company and were greeted by a perky female by the name of Lauren. Lauren told us that we should get in touch with MGV's PR company, Kirvin Communications Group, and ask for Megan who handles the Machine Guns Vegas account. Except that when we called Kirvin, we were informed that MGV was no longer a client of the company. "You're the third person who has called actually, and you should call them back and tell them to stop giving out wrong information," a woman from Kirvin told us. We called MGV several more times--no answer. Finally, Lauren called us back. "That's weird [about Kirvin]..." she said unconvincingly. When we asked if there was anyone at the offices who we could be patched through to, she explained that unfortunately, that wouldn't be possible since they were moving, and their phone system was not properly installed. Right...

We've reached out to Louis Vuitton for a statement and will update as soon as we hear back.

Update: Louis Vuitton released the following statement:

"Louis Vuitton is in no way associated with this company. We do not manufacture gun grips and do not condone the alteration of our creations in any way."

So, in addition to being in total bad taste, Machine Guns Vegas' 'Louis Vuitton' gun, is also in violation of intellectual property rights. We expect LVMH, who is famously protective of their Louis Vuitton brand (see Hangover 2 suit), will be taking legal action soon.