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Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown on Her New Show The Look, Getting Her Makeup Done by Kim Kardashian and Why More Magazines Will Be Getting into TV

Harper's Bazaar Features/Special Projects Director Laura Brown is taking her Aussie wit and candor to the small screen (and by small, we mean really

Harper's Bazaar Features/Special Projects Director Laura Brown is taking her Aussie wit and candor to the small screen (and by small, we mean really small--like your computer/tablet/phone screen)--and she's doing it with the help of some seriously A-list stars.

The editor is hosting a new series for YouTube channel Hello Style, called The Look, which will see Brown interviewing everyone from Kim Kardashian to Elmo (seriously) about--you guessed it--fashion. After watching the trailer (which you can see below) we couldn't wait to see what the series had in store, so we caught up with Brown to get the deets.

Read on to find out what Brown really thought of Kim Kardashian, who her funniest interviewee was and why more and more magazines should be getting into TV. Fashionista: Tell us a little bit about the show. What can readers and viewers expect? Laura Brown: My code name for The Look is 'girls on clothes'. It's a simple idea: a fun, fashiony conversation with a celebrity, and then some sort of adventure--shopping, makeup, hiking, dancing, you name it. There will be 12 episodes airing from tomorrow through September, and we have such a great lineup--we got singers, American actresses, English lady actresses, an Australian, Kim Kardashian and a "monster" (that is Elmo's official branding). Oh, and by the way, there are still three episodes to come with some fancy cover ladies. It looks like you got up to some really fun shenanigans. What interviewee did you laugh the most with and why? It's a fight to the death between Ashley Greene, Kim Kardashian, and Elmo. Ashley is hilarious, so dry; but what Kim does to my face is an absolute corker. And Elmo, well he is the king of comedy (such wit, and only three and a half years old). What was the highlight of filming the show? Lots of highlights, I can honestly say. "Fashion hiking" in heels with Ashley, Santigold's dance moves, learning that Michelle Dockery carries around a rabbit called 'Little Lady Mary', Kim's 'kontouring with a K',"Kiernan Shipka's two closets (one for summer, one for winter), Christina Hendricks's eerie way of looking perfect in hats, Rachel Zoe's verbiage, Rose Byrne's everything.

What was it like to interview Elmo? One of the highlights of my career, I'm not going to lie. I tried to play it straight, but I failed. I did, however, get him to say "Commes des Garcons." What was Kim Kardashian like on set? What can we expect from her interview? Kim is funnier than you'd think--and she's so well-trained from having her own reality show that she just springs into action. We shot the whole thing in 30 minutes. (It took about the same to fix my face after!). What do you think viewers will enjoy most about the show? I hope it's how natural and unforced it feels – like you're in the middle of a conversation with us. At the start, my producers freaked out because I didn't have a script. There is so much packaging on TV these days, I really wanted it to be the reverse of that. Did you ever get star struck while interviewing some of the celebrities? If so, with whom? You know, not especially anymore. I had the terrifying realization recently that I'd produced over 80 covers of Bazaar. So one, I'm old, and two, I have worked with some of these ladies a number of times, and some are legitimately friends.

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Would you ever get into TV full-time? I consider this to be a fantastic second job. Why did you/Bazaar decide to air the show on YouTube only? It's the future of television, don't you know! Do you think more magazines and editors will get into TV series like this? They will if they're smart.