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Karl Lagerfeld Thinks He's a Cartoon, Thinks Choupette Is Getting More Popular Than Him

As usual, Karl Lagerfeld is out and about, promoting something and regaling the public with his funny opinions and cat stories. This time, he was in
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As usual, Karl Lagerfeld is out and about, promoting something and regaling the public with his funny opinions and cat stories. This time, he was in London (who isn't?) at Selfridges to promote his new Olympics-inspired collection as well as his higher end Karl Lagerfeld Paris menswear line. We unfortunately weren't there, but Elle UK and Grazia both were and thus excellent Karl quotes abound. He talked a little about the collections he was there to promote, but luckily no one involved was about to pretend like we didn't just want to hear about his kitten Choupette, that recent shoot with Victoria Beckham and his thoughts on the YSL name change.

Here are the most fascinating things we learned (plus scroll through for a video):

He admits his Olympics collection is oppurtunistic:

Yes, at the moment you have to be a little opportunistic because it's the thing of the moment. It's a great year for England with the anniversary of the Queen and the Olympics.

Choupette is getting a lot of press...perhaps more than him?

She's like a huge powderpuff with blue eyes. People are stunned by her! I've done stories about her with Harper's Bazaar, V Magazine with Laticia Casta and for W Magazine. I think it's fun. Soon people will talk more about Choupette than about me!

Everything else he said about Choupette:

Everybody loves Choupette?!

I never expected to like a cat because I've had dogs in the past but Choupette is fragile. She goes to the doctors every 10 days to check her weight and see if everything is okay. She even has a personal maid.

[On using an iPad:] Yes, she's very clever. Generally cats don't speak but when she wants something, she just sits in front of it. It's unbelievable.

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Victoria Beckham is unpretentious and her kids are better than other celebrity kids (duh):

I know her from her days as a Spice Girl. Her designs are not bad at all, they're good. She's totally unpretentious. She brought one of her sons with her [on the shoot] and he was the sweetest boy, because often children of celebrities aren't pleasant. This boy was perfection...I know children of celebrities and I can tell you, you can keep them at home.

He approves of the controversial YSL --> Saint Laurent Paris branding change:

All of them, Dior and Hedi at Saint Laurent, are friends of mine, so I think it’s a very good thing...Paris needs some new things, some stimulation. It’s good for everybody. Competition is a healthy thing in life, especially in this business. I love the idea. I think it’s interesting and it’s important. Something fresh was needed.

He thinks he's a cartoon:

That's why I like this collection with the T-shirts to make a joke out of me because I think I'm a cartoon.

He literally is. See below for the video in which he says this! Plus, there are Karl macarons.