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Meet the Team USA Women's Gymnastics Team--and Their Hair and Makeup

The Olympics don't officially start for a few weeks, but this weekend gymnasts competed in the US Olympics Trials, hoping to score a spot on Team US

The Olympics don't officially start for a few weeks, but this weekend gymnasts competed in the US Olympics Trials, hoping to score a spot on Team USA. It was a mesmerizing few nights of theater (like poor Nastia Liukin's face plant--awful). But after all the drama, we have five new Olympians (and three alternates) who are headed to London.

While we love watching the superhuman feats they perform--and because it's our job to notice such things--we also love watching what they wear, namely in their hair and on their faces. When we chatted with ex-Olympian Alicia Sacramone (who sadly didn't make the Olympic team this year), we learned a few secrets about gymnasts and their beauty proclivities. A few things we learned: Scrunchies are still very a much a thing and one's eye makeup should always match your leotard. With this new knowledge in mind, we present to you the five ladies of Team USA, who range in age from 15-18.

Click through to meet them all and for a peek at their hair and makeup during the Olympic trials.

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Gabby Douglas:

Gabby, 16, won the first automatic spot on the team and we're pretty sure she won over every single person who was watching, too.

That megawatt smile came out multiple times and honestly, it's the only thing she needs. However, on both nights of competition she sported bit of smokey eye shadow and a neat, slicked back ponytail.

McKayla Maroney:

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McKayla, 16, seems to be a girl after our own hot-pink-loving heart. She goes for it here: Pink metallic leotard, matching scrunchie, pink eye shadow. And those freckles and perfect little ski jump nose? Adorable. But don't let all this girliness fool you. When she's competing she's full of power and has a look of complete determination on her face.

Jordyn Wieber:

Jordyn, another 16-year-old, sports the most mature makeup of the bunch. She went for full foundation, blush, a dark violet eye and some Kardashian lashes. In general she keeps her hair in a slick ponytail, but we've seen her throw a scrunchie or matching hair ribbon in there on occasion. She's supposedly the girl to watch this Olympics.

Aly Raisman:

At 18, Aly (at left) is the old lady of the bunch. Her more worldly point of view is reflected in her messy topknot, which seems to be a signature for her--we haven't seen many scrunchies on her head. She also goes pretty light on the eye makeup. Will she start a new "natural" trend in gymnastics?

Kyla Ross

Kyla, 15, is the youngest on the squad and it seems her look is still developing. In pictures from past competitions we've seen her break out some metallic ribbons and hair ties, but she kept her hair and makeup pretty low key during the trials. We're looking forward to seeing what she does for the Olympics.