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Olympians Like Fashion, Too: The Athletes of Team USA Show Us Their Style

The Olympics start this Friday, and one of the best parts of any Olympics (besides ogling the male divers--admit that you do this) is getting to know

The Olympics start this Friday, and one of the best parts of any Olympics (besides ogling the male divers--admit that you do this) is getting to know the athletes and learning their stories as they progress through the games. We already met the women's gymnastics team (and their makeup), now it's on to all the rest. And while we're very interested in their, you know, athletic accomplishments, we also want to know--where do they shop? Which designers do they love? We got the exclusive scoop from NBC (who's airing the Olympics in the US), who also provided us with amazing pictures of the athletes dressed to the nines in their own clothes.

While understandably a lot of the athletes named Nike and Lululemon as their favorite fashion brands--we get it, they spend every waking moment in the gym--there are plenty of secret fashion fiends (including one ex-model!) in this crowd. While the teens generally stuck to fast fashion, one rogue cyclist loves Stella McCartney, and Louis Vuitton popped up more than once as a fave.

So click through to see 26 members of Team USA like you've never seen them before and learn a little bit about them and their style. And definitely check out and to follow them all the way through the Olympics.

Posed photos: Mitchell Haaseth / NBC Olympics; Competition photos: Getty

Alex Morgan

Sport: Soccer Age: 23 Favorite brand/designer: Free People, Alice & Olivia Fun facts: Her cat Brooklyn has six toes on its front paws; she appeared in Sports Illustrated's 2012 swimsuit issue wearing nothing but body paint (Alex, not the cat). Our take: Certifiable hottie, and we love her striped soccer kit.

Allyson Felix

Sport: Track & Field Age: 27 Favorite brand/designer: Burberry Fun fact: She's coached by Jackie Joyner-Kersee's husband. Our take: We bet she can totally run in heels.

Aly Raisman

Sport: Gymnastics Age: 18 Favorite brand/designer: Tory Burch for shoes and bags Fun fact: Did her senior year of high school online, is sponsored by Ralph Lauren. Our take: We think the gymnasts could give models some posing tips/tricks.

Ariana Kukors

Sport: Swimming Age: 23 Favorite brand/designer: Didn't name specifically, but loves Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's Fun fact: Her two sisters swam in college; she has a degree in business. Our take: She should wear bare shoulders all the time.

April Ross

Sport: Beach Volleyball Age: 30 Favorite brand/designer/store: Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie Fun fact: She's 6'1'', likes Instagram (see her cute pics of her trying on her Ralph Lauren opening ceremony outfit here) Our take: She probably feels so covered up in that outfit compared to her "work" uniform.

Brady Ellison

Sport: Archery Age: 24 Favorite brand/designer: Wrangler Fun fact: His idol is a professional bull rider; he once shot an arrow through the hole of a doughnut from 70 meters away. Our take: Brady is what Peeta would look like in the all-American version of Hunger Games (after Katniss teaches him how to shoot an arrow, that is.)

Carmelita Jeter

Sport: Track & Field Age: 33 Favorite brand/designer: J.Crew Fun fact: She got naked for this year's ESPN body issue Our take: We would be naked all day long if we looked like her.

Christie Rampone

Sport: Soccer Age: 37 Favorite brand/designer: Gymboree, Justice, Lucky Brand Fun facts: She has two daughters, so we must assume that her first two choices are because of them; she's the team captain. Our take: Boho chic, with muscles.

David Boudia

Sport: Diving Age: 23 Favorite brand/designer: Lacoste, Diesel, Urban Outfitters Fun fact: He loves sugary cereal, he used to be a gymnast and was inspired by Kerri Strug. Our take: See what we mean about the divers?

Dotsie Bausch

Sport: Cycling Age: 39 Favorite brand/designer: Stella McCartney Fun facts: She used to be a runway model, and started a foundation to support women with eating disorders (which she's suffered from). Our take: If you've ever tried to walk in bike shoes, you know they're almost as bad as heels.

Evelyn Stevens

Sport: Cycling Age: 29 Favorite brand/designer: Theory, Oscar de la Renta Fun fact: Gave up investment banking to become a professional road cyclist Our take: Cyclists + skinny jeans = amazing.

Gabrielle Douglas

Sport: Gymnastics Age: 16 Favorite brand/designer: Aeropostale Fun fact: She loves Twilight; her older sister is a ballroom dancer. Our take: Our fave this year. We can't help it--that smile!

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Jason Richardson

Sport: Track & Field Age: 26 Favorite brand/designer: Zara, Unconditional London Fun fact: Used to be on the debate team; he does an amazing impersonation of the "Old Spice Man." Our take: His whole look is just working for us.

Jordan Burroughs

Sport: Wrestling Age: 24 Favorite brand/designer: Polo Fun fact: Super confident (example: tweets things like: “I've been in a couple sexiest Olympian lists. Maybe I am pretty good looking!”) Our take: Can he wrestle in those Isabel Marant wedges sneakers? Wrestling shoes sort of look like that.

Jordyn Wieber

Sport: Gymnastics Age: 17 Favorite brand/designer: Juicy Couture Fun fact: She loves the Kardashians. Our take: Jordyn actually looks a teeny bit like a Kardashian sister.

Kellie Wells

Sport: Track & Field Age: 30 Favorite brand/designer: Coach, Dolce & Gabbana Fun fact: Recently danced around the track after she upset a rival to win a meet. Our take: Dear Stefano & Domenico: Make this lady a dress.

Kerri Walsh

Sport: Beach Volleyball Age: 34 Favorite brand/designer: Oakley Fun fact: She was once on a reality show with Shaquille O'Neal Our take: Why don't I look like that in bootcut jeans?

Kyla Ross

Sport: Gymnastics Age: 15 Favorite brand/designer: Forever 21 Fun fact: Is a big Hunger Games fan; she's the youngest US competitor in the Olympics this year. Our take: The odds are clearly in her favor.

Lolo Jones

Sport: Track & Field Age: 30 Favorite brand/designer: Ryan Auld from Project Runway Fun fact: Most followed US track & field athlete on Twitter; recently told E!: "Whatever actor is watching this—if you're single and you are hot, I am single as well. Hit me up after the Olympics." Our take: Hey Lolo, we hear Rob Pattinson may be free. (Too soon?)

Megan Rapinoe

Sport: Soccer Age: 27 Favorite brand/designer: Alexander Wang t-shirts Fun fact: Won't travel without her flat iron. Our take: Love love love her hair. [Ed.note: I am growing mine out, but this makes me want to keep it.]

Natalie Coughlin

Sport: Swimming Age: 30 Favorite brand/designer: Vince, O'Neill 365 Fun fact: Was on Dancing With the Stars Our take: How the heck does her hair look that good when she's in chlorine all day?

Nicholas Long

Sport: BMX Age: 23 Favorite brand/designer: H&M Fun fact: He claims he does nothing except travel to places he can ride his bike Our take: It's sort of amazing that BMX is an Olympic sport. More hipster sports, please! We like Nic.

Ryan Lochte

Sport: Swimming Age: 28 Favorite brand/designer: Louis Vuitton Fun fact: Anna Wintour loves him. Enough said. Our take: The camera LOVVVVEES him. Also, no one but Ryan Lochte could wear this outfit.

Sanya Richards-Ross

Sport: Track & Field Age: 27 Favorite brand/designer: Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, BCBG Fun fact: She's married to NY Giants player Aaron Ross and their wedding was featured on Platinum Weddings. Our take: Sanya knows her way around the accessories department. Love.

Sue Bird

Sport: Basketball Age: 31 Favorite brand/designer: Madewell, James Perse Our take: Is basketball hell on a manicure? [Ed. note: If this dress looks familiar, it's becuase you just saw it a few slides ago on Kyla Ross, who loaned it to Sue for the shoot. How amazing is it that a tiny gymnast and a basketball player can share clothes?]

Taylor Phinney

Sport: Cycling Age: 22 Favorite brand/designer: G-Star Fun fact: His dad is a Tour de France winner and his mom a former Olympian. Our take: Cutie.