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'Pop Your Ass Out,' Plus More Invaluable Tips from Models on How To Take A Flattering Swimsuit Picture

'Bikini season' has terrified women for generations. But today's women have an even scarier phenomenon to worry about: Bikini photo season. Because wh

'Bikini season' has terrified women for generations. But today's women have an even scarier phenomenon to worry about: Bikini photo season. Because while swimsuit season only lasts a couple of months, that photo of you chowing down on a hotdog in your bikini at your friend's barbecue lives forever.

Okay, so maybe it's a little bit vain to be so worried--but c'mon, everyone has to admit to feeling a little bummed when you see that a completely unflattering picture has just been tagged to your Facebook profile or Instagram'd or tweeted or pinned or whatever the next thing will be. So, to make things a little easier on you this summer, we asked the bikini posing professionals--yep, models--to give us some pointers on how we can score an oh-so-flattering swimsuit photo.

Click through for tips from Erin Heatherton, Chrissy Teigen, plus size model Inga, and more!

VS PINK Model Jessica Hart

What's your favorite way to pose in a bikini to ensure you get a flattering picture? On my toes! It elongates my legs and uses the leg muscles which always looks better...Hips and body [should be] slightly angled; Arms should be as natural as possible, on a hip maybe or if I'm feeling into it I run my hands through my hair or play with my hair. Just things I would naturally do...I don't know why but I always put my chin up...we have to keep our chin high to avoid shadows under our eyes [when we're shooting on the beach]. And something about it makes me feel more confident, superior to the camera.

Georgina Burke

What's your number one tip for looking good in a swimsuit photo? My number one tip would be having a swimsuit that fits! There is nothing worse then a top too small or bottoms that are cutting in and showing those extra-unwanted bulges! Second tip would be to have flawless skin … whether that is using a spray tan or something like Sally Hansen… It is just like wearing stockings helps smooth’s everything out and detracts away from any lumps/ bumps or bruising. What's your go-to, failsafe pose? The most flattering pose for my body is when I stick my buttocks out it elongates the torso, shoulders back to accentuate the breasts and of course sucking your belly in … I find for my legs crossing one leg in front of the other helps to show a more hourglass frame and helps make your legs appear longer. When using your arms you need to make sure when you hold your body that your hands are on your hips and have your body 3/4 to the camera. My head can be positioned in any way but I always try to have my chin forward so it elongates my neck and my face appears more defined. Got any best advice for plus size or curvier girls specifically? Put on a pair of heels as this helps to lengthen everything out and make you stand correctly… Get in front of the mirror and see what works best with your body! Practice nude then throw on some swimwear and you will find the angle that best suits your body.

Lauren Chan

What's your most flattering pose? My go-to flattering pose is shot straight on with my feet crossed, and one shoulder slightly higher than the other. I let my arms fall naturally (or put one hand on my waist). I also lean forward a smidgen if I want to angle my tummy away from the camera. It's done with ease while giving my body an hourglass shape.

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Any tips for how to pose to disguise a tummy? There are so many tricks that can be conjured up to hide a tummy during bathing suit season. I'm sure the list is endless. I always have a great sheer or crochet mini-dress cover-up, or an over-sized scarf to tie around my upper waist like a skirt. Now that high-waisted bikinis are on trend, you could rock that look too!

What's your #1 tip for taking a flattering swimsuit photo? Realize that the way the curves of your body flow is going to make or break the photo--so accentuate them!

Erin Heatherton How should you position your body to get the most flattering angle? The most flattering stance for photos is whatever feels most natural and comfortable. Your arms can hang loose by your side, or on your hips, or even playing with your hair. Stick out one hip, put your weight in the balls of your feet, and lower you chin a touch and you're good to go.

When it comes to your beauty routine, what looks best in photos? [When it comes to makeup and beauty] I think when you are on the beach and in the sun the most flattering makeup is really minimal. The sun and sweat will make anything too heavy look cakey so I think just a little bit of tinted spf and waterproof mascara is all you need for the beach.


What's the best way to pose? Hands on hip and hips to one side or hands by your side and engage your stomach. Little space between your legs is always flattering. Stand on your toes if its a cropped photo or wear heels. A big smile is always good and eyes directly and confidently to camera. Head can tilt to one side but keep eye contact with the lens. Own it.

What's your number one tip for taking a good swimsuit photo? Yoga!! And a self bronzer or a little tan always helps to look and feel your best.

Chrissy Teigen What are your tips for scoring a flattering swimsuit photo? I will not allow anyone to take a picture of me without that camera basically up in the sky and shooting down on me. Never allow someone to take a photo shooting upwards toward your face. That is absolutely terrifying to me. You have to decide what’s right for your face too. Me, I have to stick my chin out and tilt my head way down. I call it the turtle—it’s really awkward but you stick out your chin and you lower it and it feels crazy but it makes everyone look better as long as you’re not too aggressive with it.

What sort of poses should you do? As for body wise—ass out always. Shove that ass out. Definitely you’re supposed to pop your ass out until your lower back hurts. Sometimes when I get home from a shoot—that little dimple area in the lower back—mine is throbbing.