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Taylor Tomasi Hill Takes Sao Paulo: Moda Operandi's Artistic Director Talks Fashion Week, Designers to Watch and More

For the third season in a row, Fashionista has covered Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Outside of the four main fashion weeks, Sao Paulo is proving to be an i

For the third season in a row, Fashionista has covered Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Outside of the four main fashion weeks, Sao Paulo is proving to be an important one to follow--in our opinion. The fashion industry has been investing intensely in the emerging markets of the BRIC countries, and while China has been the focus of such efforts, Brazil can't be discounted.

The country's booming economy, textile industry and depth of talent (beyond just the unending supply of gorgeous models) make Sao Paolo an increasingly important stop on the fashion circuit. Moda Operandi thinks so too. The fast growing online trunk show dispatched artistic director Taylor Tomasi Hill to scout talent for the site--and you can shop her picks now.

Here's what she had to say about her time in Sao Paulo, how it's different from the rest of the big fashion weeks, and the designers she scooped up for Moda Operandi while she was there. Plus, click through for a video and more cute pics of her styling looks for the site.

Fashionista: Why did you decide to go to Sao Paulo this season? Fashion followers and insiders alike are always looking for something new, that's what keeps it interesting. We saw a lot of talent in Sao Paulo and I was thrilled to be able to connect with the brilliant designers, fashion editors and bloggers there. What were the main differences you noticed between Sao Paulo fashion week and the main fashion weeks in NYC and Europe? Each fashion week across the globe differs greatly from the others and is influenced by the people and culture of the hosting city. The vibe in Brazil is expressive and that is definitely reflected in the collections we are featuring this week on Moda Operandi for Brazil Week. What surprised you the most about Sao Paulo? I was expecting to see mostly swimwear and was thrilled after my first few appointments to find some great cohesive collections. Some small, but powerful all the same. Each brand we selected has a strong and clear identity. Who did you end up picking to sell on Moda? I am confident in the amazing brands that we secured to feature on Moda Operandi this week, a little something for everyone. Brazil Week’s trunk shows include ready-to-wear by Patricia Viera, Colcci, J. Chermann, Cris Barros, Paula Raia, Isolda, Pedro Lourenço, Barbara Bela and Iodice; jewelry by Silvia Furmanovich, Carla Amorin, Ara Vartarian and Linha Ara Varatarian; and swimwear by Adriana Degreas and Agua de Coco.

What did you do while you weren't out at shows? While attending the different fashion weeks, I find myself in more showrooms than sitting at shows. Shows of course are important for capturing the feeling or the woman the designer is catering to, but when pressed for time, the more I can see the better. When it comes to editing I am quick and usually don't question my decision. We shot 15 collections in two days, which is a record for us. Had Brazilians heard of Moda? Is it popular there? Yes, Moda Operandi is very popular with the Brazilian market. In fact, the Moda Operandi website is available in a Portuguese version for that reason. The response that we received in Brazil was more than welcoming and it is really exciting for us to be able to provide these talented designers from Brazil with more exposure at an international level.

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