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The 10 Weirdest Fashion Things To Succeed on Kickstarter

As we've detailed in this comprehensive guide, online crowdfunding site Kickstarter can be a great way to fund a fledgling fashion brand. The site is

As we've detailed in this comprehensive guide, online crowdfunding site Kickstarter can be a great way to fund a fledgling fashion brand. The site is full of great ideas and promising lines and then there are also some bizarre, quirky, entirely unnecessary ones that end up being equally successful, if not more so.

From a coat that makes you look like a grizzly bear, to lingerie made out of used tea bags, click through for 10 of the weirdest things we found that succeeded (mean met or exceeded their funding goal) on Kickstarter.

Missy For Prez What it is: A campaign to launch a collection of fictional Missy Elliott presidential campaign gear, because this girl had a dream (literally, like while she was asleep) that '90s female hip hop sensation Missy Elliott was the POTUS. $ Raised: $2,492 Our thoughts: Where has Missy Elliott been?

Z-Shirtz What it is: Unclear. We think just t-shirts that say things about zombies, like "I'm a zombie." $ Raised: $2,303 Our thoughts: This has to be the strangest video ever on Kickstarter, but points for imagination. Also, there are a lot of zombie things on Kickstarter. And: are there not enough zombie t-shirts at Hot Topic and such?

Recycled Couture fashion event by R.A.W. What it is: "Pre-soiled Couture" collection that includes lingerie made out of used tea bags, rusty bottle caps and other oddities $ Raised: $935 Our thoughts: We're on board with the whole sustainable fashion thing, but no one is going to wear clothes made out of used tea bags. They're just not. Only in Portland.

5 'O Clock Shadow What it is: A strap-on face mask to keep your face warm that looks like a beard. "Give your face a hug." $ Raised: $3,119 Our thoughts: It's a cute idea, but in execution it's a little bit creepy, especially if you're a child or a girl--but maybe in a fun way?

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Cthulhu Knitted Ski Mask What it is: A green ski mask resembling Cthulhu, a fictional octopus/dragon/human entity. $ Raised: $12,649 Our thoughts: This is horrifying and I really I hope I never see someone wearing it because I'll freak out.

Yorkies Brand Briefs What it is: Men's underwear that inexplicably has a big barcode on the crotch. $ Raised: $7,525 Our thoughts: Whyyyy...

Kitty Garden Party Leggings What it is: Leggings with an adorable/ridiculous digital print of kittens and flowers. $ Raised: $5,938 Our thoughts: We love these! We've written about them before because they're amazing, but they're also pretty weird, as is that fluffy cat in the video who randomly jumps out of bags.

Atheist Shoes What it is: A Bauhaus-inspired shoe with the phrase "Ich Bin Atheist" on the sole. $ Raised: $59,132 Our thoughts: These actually look like really great shoes, but listening to the designer talk about the "godless abyss of nothingness" they represent makes me think he might be a little insane (which is fine).

Griz Coat What it is: "Griz Coat is the original grizzly bear jacket. Wear it proudly and remember: It's not a costume. It's a lifestyle." $ Raised: $29,015 Our thoughts: Like the "5 'O Clock Shadow," this doubles up as a warmth provider and potential Halloween costume (except it isn't supposed to be). It just seems way too niche to be so popular.

Groundwalk Sandals What it is: Sandals with synthetic grass attached to them so you feel "closer to nature" at all times. $ Raised: $6,555 Our thoughts: We guess it's safer than walking around barefoot?

Legalize Gay Marijuana What it is: A simple t-shirt that says "Legalize Gay Marijuana," meant to combine "two of the biggest civic issues of our time" in one shirt. $ Raised: $2,012 Our thoughts: Is the legalization of marijuana really on the same level of importance as the legalization of gay marriage? Also, is it okay to copy American Apparel this directly?