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Watch: Models Doing Yoga for VFiles' New Series, Plus Everything You Need to Know About the Soon-to-be-Launched Site

You may not yet be familiar with VFiles, a soon-to-be launched social media platform for the fashion industry, but you should be. The site, which is

You may not yet be familiar with VFiles, a soon-to-be launched social media platform for the fashion industry, but you should be. The site, which is still in the beta stage, is not just a place where fashion folk can connect: It'll also be home to some awesome original editorial content. We spoke with VFiles' editors Tyler Benz and David Toro, who, while slightly secretive about the new site's exact capabilities, were more than happy to elaborate about the brand's original content, particularly their YouTube series Model Files, the seventh installment of which debuts today.

For the new episode, casting director and host of the show Preston Chaunsumlit, embarked on a very dangerous mission: Attend so-called 'model yoga' in order to scout some talent. Naturally, hilarity ensued. And though we'd happily watch another installment of model yoga, Preston told us not to hold our breath. "I'm not sure how relevant it is anymore--from a casting director's perspective, it's really all about model zumba!"

Model Files is far from over though. Benz and Toro told us that there are still five more hilarious episodes to come--plus a bonus reunion special, in the style of Bravo's Real Housewives reunions, hosted by none other than Sh*t Fashion Girls Say's P'trique. "He's going to be our version of Andy Cohen," the duo joked.

"We wanted to comment on the industry we're all in but at the same time to poke fun," Toro said. Well, we'd say, mission accomplished.

There will also be a new series, called Lisa TV, which will follow LA-based stylist Lisa Katnic on a number of quirky adventures including visiting the gay renaissance fair or attending a monster truck rally. "It kind of takes references from old House of Style," Toro said.

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They'll also be doing more original reporting. For men's fashion week, VFiles sent a reporter to all the big menswear shows with a "camera on her head." The result? "We're calling it extreme fashion, because it's the type of camera people use to go rock climbing with," Benz joked.

But all the amazing video content aside, Benz and Toro tell me that the site, dubbed an "interdisciplinary platform of everything fashion," is really the "core" of what VFiles is all about. And come fall, everyone will be able to use it.

"It will be for everyone," Toro says. "That's our goal, to have this tool that anyone can use, as well as amazing imagery and original content." Toro and Benz couldn't give us too many more details--again, the site is still in the beta testing phase--but they did say that we can expect a lot of digitized magazine content, from both past and present issues. "Magazines that have been lost over the years that need to be seen," Toro and Benz promise.

Well consider us intrigued. Watch the new Model Files episode below.