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Who Should Host the New House of Style? Our Top 10 Picks

Today MTV announced that it would be reviving their cult '90s hit House of Style. We chatted with the execs behind the revival (in advance of the offi

Today MTV announced that it would be reviving their cult '90s hit House of Style. We chatted with the execs behind the revival (in advance of the official relaunch of the show in October, MTV will re-air original episodes and release a documentary about the show) and they revealed that they still don't have a host. Sophia Rai, VP at MTV Digital told us the host is "probably everyone you’re thinking of and everyone you’re not." So, who are we thinking of?

We polled the experts and came up with a very official top 10 list of ladies that we think could fill Cindy Crawford's pointy patent '90s stilettos (she probs did not wear mary janes right?). And by "polled the experts" I mean I sent an email to former Fashionista editors Faran, Britt and Lauren, as well as Fashionista's current editors and it became a hilarious chain that eventually produced some very fine candidates for the job. MTV are you listening? Here's who we think should host the new House of Style. Photos: Getty

1. Ashley Madekwe. Why? Faran mentioned the Revenge star and Lauren and Britt immediately agreed, she would be awesome, even though she's not a model like House of Style hosts of the past. "She really liked fashion!" Lauren added. I admitted, "I think we have a lead candidate. I really should watch Revenge. But I only just finished Downton season one. I just want to hang with Maggie Smith all day every day." To which Britt replied, "YOU HAVE TO WATCH REVENGE." OK, noted.

2. Alexa Chung. Why? Her name came up first. "Alexa's perfect," said Britt. She's still beloved from her short lived MTV show "It's On with Alexa Chung" (never mind that it got cancelled and that our love for it might have something to do with the fact that Britt was on it), still worshipped for her sense of style, and still funny (read her Twitter). Also she "DJ"s (she once told Jimmy Fallon "I just press play and then make it look like I’m really busy”). Music and fashion, isn't that what MTV is all about? Well, that and teen moms.

3. Georgia May Jagger Why? She's a beautiful and successful model and her dad is Mick Jagger and her mom is Jerry Hall. Being fabulous is pretty much in her genes.

4. Coco Rocha Why? Not everyone was in agreement about Coco but she has name recognition and her mastery of all social media would be a major asset. Plus she's done on camera work for E! Canada and New York mag.

5. Solange Knowles. Why? Why not! Solange would be awesome at this. She's down to earth, has fantastic style, and deserves her own platform!

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6. Susie Lau Why? An internet personality would be an interesting move for MTV but a smart one, especially since the show has to do well on MTV's "multimedia platforms" including web and mobile. Lau might not have the reach of a celeb or big time model but she's charming and there's no one more informed about fashion and style. Leandra Medine might be good, too.

7. Behati Prinsloo Why? We'll leave this one to Britt: "She's smart and funny and nice and hot." And because when fellow PINK Angel Chanel Iman hosted the last relaunch of House of Style it didn't go over that well.

8. Kate Upton. Why? She is the model-of-the-moment after all. She's proven that she's very bubbly and smiley and especially bouncy on camera. And she can dance.

9. Rachel Bilson Why? We love Rachel Bilson, but we feel like she just hasn't found her acting footing since retiring her role as Summer on The O.C. She's always loved fashion and we've always felt she should make that her career and this could be her perfect foray into the biz. It's also worth noting that Magnum Ice Cream, for which Bilson starred in a series of Karl Lagerfeld-lensed commercials, is sponsoring House of Style's comeback.

10. Fashionista editors! This is kind of a joke but Britt was on It's On With Alexa Chung and in her high school yearbook was voted most likely to host her own TV show. Faran thinks it's a good idea. And in my high school yearbook I said one of my goals was to have my own cooking show on PBS. Kinda the same, right?

11. Here's who we think should not host House of Style: Kate Moss. You know why.