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A Conversation About Sarah Palin's Supergirl Outfit and Why It Might Mean She's Running for President in 2016

Last Friday former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin stopped by a rally in Cass County, MO to endorse Missouri Senate candidate Sar

Last Friday former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin stopped by a rally in Cass County, MO to endorse Missouri Senate candidate Sarah Steelman. This is what she wore.

The Superman shirt is not completely random--Huffpo reports it's Steelman's Superman-themed campaign tee. Nonetheless it's tight fitting and bright blue and doesn't obviously look like campaign gear. She also paired said tee with tight black capris and some very high heeled strappy shoes. As in, we're estimating, five inches high. Gawker's Fashion Correspondent, Fake Michael Kors, hilariously commented on the look, noting that "She looks like she got all dressed up to order white wine in the back of an airplane."

But we wanted to know more. Why this outfit? What could the political motivations behind it possibly be? To answer our pressing questions, we had a little GChat with Current TV senior editor Jo Piazza. She believes the outfit was a strategic political move, a move that indicates Palin might be gunning for the 2016 Presidential nomination already. This is obviously a very very serious conversation.

me: So, Jo - Sarah Palin's Superwoman get-up. what gives? what is going on with that? Jo: I have a theory about that me: please tell Jo: I have been thinking about it all day in between watching synchonized swimming me: I can see how that outfit would take up all your mindspace - it's pretty boggling Jo: It was a lot. I can tell you that. So at first glance. I was like Holy Goonies! She's gone the tween! The last time I saw an outfit like this I was cruising the food court Chick-Fil-A in 1994 (Of course we can;t go to Chick-Fil-A any more) me: you had chick-fil-a in PA? Jo: My high school boyfriend worked at the Chick-Fil-A. He came home reeking of fried chicken. It was a little awesome. me: touche. the scent of lust. anyway...why? what is the political motivation here? who is she trying to appeal to in those wet seal heels and that spencer's Superwoman tee? Jo: Sarah Palin is going to run for president in 2016. That is what this outfit is trying to tell us Leah me: i need more than that Jo: This ensem screams: I'm your first lady prez....bitches. Here's why me: yes plz. this better be good Jo: I love using z in chats by the way, it makes me feel younger than getting Botox me: ok so tell me - why? Jo: Yes this outfit appeals to a certain tea party demographic. A very specific one. The currently 14 year old demographic. All these politicians are always crowing about how they want to get the youth vote. This is it. Hit 'em early. You know how you will always love Ferris Bueller because you fell for him when you were 14 even though now he is doing Honda commercials and married to Carrie Bradshaw and seems totes miz? me: yes, yes i do Jo: Because he got you young! That's what Palin is doing. me: i do love ferris bueller. well i love sloane peterson more. and her outfits. but... Jo: He was sexy when he was in that parade me: still Jo: I wasn't into Sloane's puffy shorts but I loved her hair! me: her shorts were amazing Jo: So what if Ferris ran for President when you turned 18. would you vote for him? me: i mean. what's his stance on abortion? Jo: He's so pro-choice. obvi me: k

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