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Dree Hemingway, Kate Young and More Turn Out to Fete Little Doe's New Acid Trip-Inspired Collection

Last night hip/hippy accessories line Little Doe held a dinner at designer Chase Cohl's apartment rooftop in Soho. And even though we were smack in th

Last night hip/hippy accessories line Little Doe held a dinner at designer Chase Cohl's apartment rooftop in Soho. And even though we were smack in the middle of Manhattan, the hippy decor and completely unobstructed view of the sky made it easy to imagine you were far, far, away from the city. Which, of course, was exactly what Cohl and Dree Hemingway, who helped host the night, were going for.

Hemingway and Cohl have known each other a number of years and given their penchants for bohemian style, Hemingway was the perfect choice to co-host the laid back event. Industry VIPs like Philip Lim (also a friend of Cohl's) and Kate Young (Cohl's former boss) were also on-hand to show support for the up-and-coming accessories designer's new collection.

We sat down with Cohl to talk inspiration, new collaborations, and acid trips. Naturally. Fashionista: So, tell me about the new collection. What inspired you? Chase Cohl:It started off as a sort of Day of the Dead collection, and that's where the look book came from. It's basically the idea of someone coming back to life. The collection starts really dark, with a lot of black and reds and a more neutral palette than I've done in a long time. And then it grows into this multi-colored kaleidoscopic, acid trip weird land...

It does remind me of a kind of sartorial acid trip. Yeah, Little Doe seems to always end up in that weird acid trip land for some reason. But it's good--it's colorful, and you know we changed a lot about the company for this collection, we did a much lower price than we used to.

That's awesome. Because your pieces are so great, but they were definitely in the luxury price point before. What sort of prices are we looking at this season? Nothing in the entire collection is more than $400. Most of them are $200 to $300. [I]t was nice to do something that people could afford because if people want it then they should be able to buy it. I'd rather them buy [Little Doe at a lower price point] than buy a knockoff.

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Do you have any other exciting changes or collaborations we should know about? Right now we're working on a lot of collaborations, we have a jewelry collaboration we're doing with an amazing designer, Anna Sheffield. It's something we've been talking about for years and years but now it looks like it's actually coming through. I just finished a collection for Avenue 32 in England, and I just did my second collection for Free People.

Do you think you'd ever get into doing a full clothing collection? Well, we are actually starting to get more into clothes now. We're collaborating with these girls out of San Diego called Gypsy Stardust--we're doing these amazing bell bottoms with them--and then a designer called Navajo Velvet, we're doing jackets and skirts with them. And for right now we sell antique clothing--we work with the woman who sells vintage eyelets to Ralph Lauren that is just amazing. But yeah, I think eventually we'll probably make our way into doing more clothing.

We can't wait.

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Photos: BFA